Marine Invertebrates Facts and Information

What a Spineless Species! In simple terms, an invertebrate is an animal species that does not possess a vertebral column or spine.

More than 98% of species on earth don’t have a typical backbone or notochord.

Examples of marine invertebrates include clams, snails, octopus, crabs, and starfish.

In fact with the exception of a few vertebrates with a backbone such as fish, birds and mammals, all animals are considered as invertebrates.

This probably goes against your gut feeling - the main reason being that vertebrates are normally large creatures (needy of skeletal support).

They are therefore more visible to us, whereas most the widely ranging invertebrate group are smaller - often not visible for a range of reasons.

Many marine invertebrates comprise the beautiful sea slugs (really) the sea anemones; squirts; sponges and of course Jellyfish!

List of Marine Invertebrates

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