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Action That Has a Global Impact

Most Divers have heard of the PADI AWARE Foundation but they may not be so 'aware' of what they do.

Project AWARE is a growing, popular movement of scuba divers who are continually striving to protect and conserve the ocean planet.

Over the past twenty years, millions of underwater divers have been true leaders in Ocean Conservation and protection believing that their actions will make a huge impact helping to rescue the ocean.

Project AWARE now has more online resources which compliments their support of divers' global movements implementing lasting change in local communities and worldwide.

Project AWARE is concentrating on two particular serious problems, currently focusing on two major ocean conservation issues, Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris.

Shout Out for Sharks!

During the Big Shark Shout Out divers around the world will rally to protect sharks before it is too late. Together, we have a powerful, collective voice that can change policies affecting the main threats to sharks - over-fishing, by-catch, and finning.

Why are we worried about sharks? Extinction threatens almost one out of five shark species. Sharks are irreplaceable – they are vital to the health and balance of our ocean environments. Time is running out for sharks and we need to act now!

Marine Life Entanglements

Entanglement in fishing gear and ocean debris (e.g. monofilament materials and plastics) is a global threat to wildlife, especially marine mammals and turtles.

Another section contains information about marine animal entanglement prevention and response and what you can do to help prevent more pain and suffering.

Divers Take Action!

Since the first Project AWARE International Cleanup Day events in 1993; AWARE divers organized thousands of cleanups to protect underwater habitats and marine species.

Cleanup dives from the past 18 years have been a true inspiration, placing scuba divers in the spotlight, key to addressing debris issues on a global scale.

Nevertheless, cleanups alone are not the answer. Now, we are moving beyond International Cleanup Day, by introducing PADI Dive Against Debris® course, a year-round data and debris collection effort to reduce the devastating impacts of debris each time we dive.

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