Global Ocean Conservation

Ocean conservation is an extremely important part of our natural world, but often ignored or forgotten except by the people who visit the oceans on a regular basis.

These ambassadors of the oceans are actively involved in the protection and conservation of the ocean's marine life and its coral reefs.

Never before, has so much importance been placed on creating and sustaining safe areas for fish and aquatic life to thrive. Marine Reserves are such safe areas.

What is Ocean Conservation?

Ocean conservation includes all of the activities that humans provide in protecting and conserving the oceanic environments. The earth's oceans and waterways suffer badly from pollution by uncaring people.

Ocean conservationists are also involved in actions to avoid over-fishing and fish hunting. The marine wildlife suffers from irresponsible fishing methods and the offshore oil industry.

Dolphins and turtles are particularly vulnerable to the fishing nets that are used to catch tuna. Recent ecological disasters prove how much damage can be done and how important it is to protect and conserve our oceans.

How to Participate in Ocean Conservation

There are many ways that individuals and groups can help to conserve the oceans and seas. In order to get close to the real action of ocean conservation it would be a great idea to get a scuba diving certification.

Specialised training in scuba diving would allow you to learn about the fragile existence of coral reefs and the animals that depend on them. Although not intentionally, corals often get broken and damaged.

Another method of helping the plight is to assist in volunteer work against over-fishing and pollution. Using inappropriate fishing nets causes terrible suffering for fish and animals that aren't the intended catch.

Oversize nets and greed are often the cause. If more policing of fishing boats was possible, then maybe we could produce a positive affect towards the damage and destruction that happens on a daily basis.

Ocean Conservation Recognition

Thankfully, an increasing number of countries are taking responsibility for the conservation of our oceans.

We have recognized the importance of, and celebrated, the oceans since June 1992 which has recently been called World Oceans Day by the United Nations and includes increased marine piracy and the growth of seaside resorts offering scuba instruction to beginners, teaching divers about the importance of ocean conservation.

Almost anyone can help. Responsible behavior includes buying sustainable farmed tuna and recycling waste products. These are simple examples that can be made easily by divers and non-divers at home.

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