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Scuba Diving Certification Levels

PADI® scuba certifications begin with the one-day introductory course for beginners and the popular international qualification of Open Water Diver.

Learning to scuba dive with the unequalled team of experts at 'Private Scuba' in Thailand is the ideal start towards a career in diving.

Dive Courses and Snorkeling for Beginners

Get scuba certified abroad with our crew of experienced and customer-focused instructors and dive masters.

Join our daily fun dives around the chain of shallow coral islands and sunken shipwrecks off the sea coast at Pattaya.

Taking a PADI scuba certification course in Thailand will prove to be a superb 'value for money' experience.

Furthermore, the flexibility of scuba courses means children as young as eight years old can start diving - and there is no upper age limit to join in the fun.

Important: Clicking any of the links below will take you to further detailed information about that particular level of certification for scuba diving.

> Discover Scuba Diving Program

> PADI Dive Courses for Children

> Snorkeling Tours in Pattaya

> Scuba and Snorkel Resort Package

> Scuba Diver Certification

> PADI Scuba Diver Upgrade

> Open Water Diver Course

> PADI Scuba Online Certifications

> PADI Dive Referral

> EFR CPR & First Aid Course

Note: The PADI ReActivate™ Scuba Refresher Program is for divers who have been inactive from diving or feel a little rusty with the basic scuba skills and diving knowledge.

Scuba Courses for Certified Divers

Once you get qualified for diving you will be able to continue your dive career and learn new skills by taking one of the advanced scuba courses.

> Adventure Diver Course

> Advanced Open Water Diver Course

> Rescue Diver Certification Course

> PADI Specialty Diver Courses

> PADI Master Scuba Diver Rating

> PADI Divemaster and Professional Level Courses

Note: Check the special discount scuba diving packages on offer for low season or if you have time to complete multiple courses.

PADI Fun Diving Package [1 Day]

Each day, the boat sets sail bound for the most popular capsized artificial ruins (e.g. the HTMS Khram and HTMS Kut shipwrecks).

Later, we drop anchor near to the gardens of encrusted hard and soft coral formations (in shallow water).

When you follow our expert leaders with knowledge of the local dive sites, your fun dive trip might include a swim with sharks and sea turtles.

Add some hot tropical sunshine, and bath-like warm water, and you have a spectacular fun day out scuba diving in Thailand for around $100.

You will get:

  • At least two (2) dives lead by one of the Private Scuba dive guides around the coral islands and sunken wrecks.
  • Free rental of modern scuba gear (*digital underwater camera equipment is also available for hire).
  • Resort dive package around some of the best sites for scuba diving in Thailand.
  • Hotel transfers (within city limits), buffet food, soft drinks, and afternoon snacks served on board.

Note: Please check the price list for further details and contact us by email to make a booking or to send an enquiry.

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