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Scuba Courses for Juniors

PADI diving classes for kids start from the age of eight years old, which means most juniors and teenagers can get a scuba diving certification.

We offer a range of PADI® scuba certifications for teens, non diving courses for young kids, and other water-based swimming activities for children in Pattaya, Thailand.

PADI Diving for Children | Table of Contents

Most of the professional training agencies (e.g. PADI, CMAS) promote scuba diving as a non-contact, family-based sport. Young kids can learn how to dive at the tender age of eight (8) - so who would disagree?

As a result, there are many opportunities for the whole family to get involved in scuba and share great underwater memories together.

Furthermore, children can earn an equivalent 'Junior diver' certification for many of the adult courses - albeit with some scuba diving age restrictions and depth limitations.

Once a child reaches fifteen (15) years of age, they can use the PADI scuba diver upgrade program to remove the age-related restrictions from their card.

Scuba Schooling for Young Adults

A range of youth courses, and modern dive gear for kids, means youngsters get to try diving in a highly supervised environment.

So, the fun, freedom, and 'weightless' feeling in water is often all children need to continue their education with Private Scuba diving lessons at our dive centre in Pattaya, Thailand.

Young Kids and Scuba: The Benefits

Youngsters find many things interesting and enjoyable. They can have lots of fun, while playing and learning new skills at the same time. Typical examples that fascinate most juveniles include topics such as:

But, there are a few areas of teaching scuba to kids that require extra caution and consideration. Thus, never take the equation of 'Kids + Water = Danger' lightly when supervising children in any water sport activities.

Even so, not all children are too keen on water-based excitement. So, we also keep kids occupied and learning by having them join in one of the non diving certifications.

Important: Children who get involved in scuba often benefit from the educational aspect as well as the discipline that is so important for the sport.

PADI Bubblemaker Program for Young Kids

PADI Bubblemaker Program for Children Aged 8 or 9 in Pattaya, ThailandPADI® Bubblemaker program is specifically aimed towards young eight or nine year old children.

The course is for kids who want to learn how to scuba dive and start blowing bubbles underwater.

Young children are strictly supervised during the introductory scuba lessons which must take place in water that is less than two metres deep (e.g. a shallow pool).

The PADI® Bubblemaker Scuba Diving Program does not result in a certificated course. But, most kids will get a decal, an emblem, and a rather cool-looking logbook as a recognition of their underwater diving achievements.

PADI Seal Team Course for Children

PADI Seal Team Course for Children in Pattaya, ThailandDo you have young kids who are comfortable in the water and want to become scuba divers?

Imagine how cool it is for children to go diving underwater with their friends and take digital photos of each other.

Here's the good news for all the young scuba kids out there! There is a basic scuba program for children to help them experience what it's like to breathe and swim underwater.

Another section explains how small kids from the age of eight can join the PADI® Seal Team Program and become members after completing five scuba diving aqua missions in a shallow swimming pool.

Tip: Get your children to watch the PADI Seal Team Video and I'm sure you'll agree - it looks like a whole lot of action-packed fun to be had by kids in a swimming pool!

PADI Open Water Diver Course for Juniors

PADI Junior Open Water Diver Course for youngsters in Pattaya, ThailandThe Junior Open Water Diver depth limits for a ten (10) or eleven (11) year old is twelve (12) metres.

But, the maximum depth increases to eighteen (18) metres when the child reaches the age of thirteen.

Some of PADI's training standards have been adapted for children's scuba courses. A typical example would be using more pictures and non technical text in training manuals.

The final exam is also exactly the same as the adult version. Hence, children need to score at least 75% to avoid having to do a retest.

Note: Check out the PADI Junior Open Water Diver course requirements for further information about age limits and maximum depths allowed for minors.

PADI Advanced Diver Course for Kids Aged 12 to 15

PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver Course for youngsters in Pattaya, ThailandChildren's comfort zone, and confidence underwater, will increase when they learn new scuba skills and use specialty diving gear in deeper water.

Advancing your competency in underwater navigation and buoyancy is part of the course structure.

Teenagers also get to try a deep dive and others from the specialties program, such as shipwreck diving, drift, and underwater scooters.

Note: Another section explains how and why kids are better divers after completing the Junior Advanced Open Water Diver Certification Course in Pattaya, Thailand.

PADI Junior Rescue Diving Course

PADI Junior Rescue Diving Course for Kids in Pattaya, ThailandMost scuba certifications for kids will include some tough training - and a few physical challenges along the way.

In fact, some youngsters may even feel nervous about the course instruction (e.g. learning about dangerous scuba injuries).

Nonetheless, your kids will have a lot of fun during the emergency scenarios and they will see the benefits after they become rescue divers.

A few days of "confidence-boosting" training enhances your abilities and changes the way you observe other divers.

The minimum age for Rescue Diver is twelve (12) and you'll need a current certification in CPR and First Aid.

Note: Twelve to fourteen-year-olds can join the PADI® Junior Rescue Diver Course if they have the PADI Junior Adventure Diver certification (and they logged the Underwater Navigation Dive).

PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver Rating

PADI Junior Master Diving Course for Kids in Pattaya, ThailandJunior Master Scuba Divers (e.g. age 12 to 15) are recognised as having achieved the highest rating in recreational scuba diving.

The PADI education system acknowledges kids who become Master Divers for having received superior scuba training in various diving environments.

Master Divers make up a small minority in an elite group (around 2%) - respected by everyone in the scuba diving community.

When you become a PADI® Junior Master Scuba Diver people will know you completed a variety of scuba diving courses and certifications to earn your exclusive rating.

Pro Tip: As long as you meet the requirements, you can also enrol in the PADI Junior Divemaster program from the age of fifteen (15) years old.

PADI Courses without Scuba for Children

PADI Courses without Scuba for ChildrenNot all PADI® and EFR® courses have a mandatory scuba element assigned to the training.

So it removes the minimum age limit needed for some certification programs for young children and teenagers.

PADI non-diving certifications offer parents an ideal opportunity to get their kids learning new skills.

Child education programs can also be rewarding family adventures!

Check out a section that explains how to get PADI non diving certifications without having to take part in any of the scheduled scuba diving lessons.

Water Sports in Pattaya, Thailand

Water Sports Activities in Pattaya, ThailandOK kids - now it's time to have fun and excitement in the water! We specialise in snorkeling tours and other watersport activities for small and large family groups with youngsters.

Our Scuba Instructors and guides are all qualified and experienced for a variety of recreational pursuits. Thus, safety and fun for kids is our strength.

What if your child isn't quite ready for the 'deep end'? No problem, we can still get them active and having fun with other water activities in Pattaya.

Check out the guide that covers water sports activities in Pattaya and browse through a list of recreational water-based pursuits that will keep the whole family occupied and entertained.

Important: Private Scuba team of diving instructors welcomes your questions and comments. Please use the contact page to send an email or make a booking.

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