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Scuba Courses for Juniors

PADI diving classes for kids start from the age of eight years old, which means most juniors and teenagers can get a scuba diving certification.

We offer the range of PADI scuba certifications for teens, non diving courses for young kids, and other water-based swimming activities for children in Thailand.

Children and PADI™ Diving Certifications

Scuba diving is largely promoted as a family sport. When you consider that young kids can learn how to dive at the tender age of eight (8) - who would disagree.

Hence, there are many opportunities for all the family to get involved in scuba and share great underwater memories.

Furthermore, children can earn an equivalent 'Junior' diver certification for many of the courses - albeit with some depth limitations.

Once a child reaches fifteen, they can use PADI scuba diver upgrade to remove the age-related restrictions from their card.

A range of youth courses, and modern dive gear for kids, means youngsters get to try diving in a highly supervised environment. As a result, the fun, freedom, and so called 'weightless' feeling under water is often all children need to continue on with their diving lessons.

Important: Children who get involved in scuba often benefit from the educational aspect as well as the discipline that is so important for the sport.

Scuba Kids: The Benefits

Youngsters find many things interesting and enjoyable. They can have lots of fun, while playing and learning new skills at the same time. Typical examples include:

But, there are a few areas of teaching scuba to kids that require extra caution and consideration. Thus, never take the equation of 'Kids + Water = Danger' lightly when supervising children in any water sport activities.

Even so, not all children are too keen on water-based excitement. So, we also keep kids occupied and learning by having them join in one of the non diving certifications.

Scuba and Snorkeling Programs for Kids

PADI scuba courses for kids and dive certifications for teens.> Snorkeling and Scuba Tours for Children

> Bubblemaker Program for Children Age 8

> Seal Team Program for Kids

> PADI Junior Open Water Diver Course

> PADI Junior Advanced Open Water Diver Course

> PADI Junior Rescue Diver Course

> PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver Course

Note: Get your children to watch the PADI Seal Team Video and I'm sure you will agree - it looks like a whole lot of action-packed fun to be had by kids in a swimming pool!

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