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PADI Non-diving Courses for Kids

Some PADI® and EFR® courses do not have a scuba element, so it removes the minimum age limit requirement on some programs for young children and teenagers.

The information in this section explains how kids can get a PADI certification without having to participate in any scheduled in-water scuba diving activities.

PADI Certifications for Children (No Scuba)

PADI and Emergency First Response have educational programs that get children active and involved.

Furthermore, the courses do not specifically require any scuba training dives in open water.

As a result, the courses and certifications for kids listed below have no specific minimum age requirement.

PADI non-diving certifications offer parents an ideal opportunity to get their kids learning new skills.

This kind of child education can also be a rewarding family adventure!

Important: This is a small sample of PADI and Emergency First Response non-diving educational and rewarding lessons that we offer to young children. But, they are only appropriate to kids with sufficient mental awareness and concentration to complete the course requirements.

Project AWARE Specialty Course

PADI Project AWARE Specialty Course for Kids in Pattaya, ThailandThe PADI AWARE Foundation is a non-profit-making environmental organisation.

The underwater world needs caring divers - and non-divers as well - to help conserve the fragile aquatic ecosystems.

Children can join the actions of concerned individuals by discovering the most pressing problems facing these vulnerable environments.

Learn more about the PADI® Project AWARE Specialty certification.

Note: This is a PADI course for children that does not involve scuba diving. Even so, we can also conduct optional dives around the Pattaya Islands and coral reefs.

CPR and First Aid Certification

Emergency First Response Courses for Kids in Pattaya, ThailandCPR and First Aid skills are life-saving techniques for anyone - not only for scuba divers.

Knowledge development sessions and skill objectives in Emergency First Response courses are performance-based - meaning there is no specific minimum age limit to join the training.

Thus, as long as a child can understand the theory behind the lesson, and is physically able to perform the required skills, they should be able to pass the final exam and get certified in CPR and First Aid.

Note: This certification is a requirement for young scuba divers who are looking to complete the PADI® Junior Rescue Diver Certification.

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

The PADI Oxygen Provider Course for Kids in Pattaya, ThailandTeenagers can learn how to administer supplemental oxygen supply to a diver in need (e.g. as a result of scuba diving injuries).

The knowledge development and skill objectives prepare youngsters to provide emergency oxygen to divers and to non-divers.

Despite being primarily suited for scuba divers, the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Course has no prerequisites and does not require any training dives.

Kids do not need to have previous CPR or First Aid training to enrol.

Important: The content of these non-diving courses require a certain level of physical and psychological maturity to complete the training. Even so, the curriculum can be adapted for the benefit of any young child with an interest in attaining any of these non-diving PADI® and EFR® certifications.

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