Diving and Snorkeling Sites in Pattaya

Southeast Asia has many great dive sites, and Thailand offers divers some of the best diving in S.E. Asia.

Most of the Pattaya dive sites have year-round diving and a good variety of diverse dive sites.

From shallow coral dives to wreck diving, deep diving and drift diving, we run daily scuba dives and Snorkeling Trips in Pattaya, with daily tours to all of the best Pattaya scuba dive sites.

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The diving resorts of Pattaya and Koh Chang are both south east of Bangkok and popular holiday destinations with year round trade for water based activities and lively entertainment venues.

The dive programs in the coastal city of Pattaya tend to appeal more to beginners and impulsive divers rather than the dedicated scuba junkie.

A mix of shallow coral reefs and deep ship wrecks continually attract divers to the Gulf and the local scuba shops offer the full range of scuba courses, snorkelling trips and other action-packed water sports.


Diving and Snorkeling at Koh Larn Coral Island, Pattaya BeachThe Pattaya Near Islands include Koh Sak, Koh Larn and Koh Khrok.

Koh Larn means "Coral Island" in Thai, and the Thai's feel that Koh Sak and Koh Khrok resemble a mortar and pestle.

So they named them after the kitchen tools that they use to crush peppers.

The islands appear around 6 km from Pattaya, and the short boat trip takes less than an hour to reach the first dive site.


The Pattaya Far Islands include Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, and Koh Phai. Less crowded by dive boats and water sport activities, these island dive sites are around 15 km from Pattaya. The boat trip takes about 90 minutes to get there, but the clearer visibility and the vibrant marine life makes these Pattaya dive sites worth the trip.


All of the wreck dives in Pattaya are deep dives. We suggest that these dives are not suitable for novice divers.

Thus, we recommend that you benefit from your private PADI Instructor by enrolling in one or more of the PADI Adventure Divers, Advanced Diver, Wreck Diver, Deep Diver, or Nitrox Diver courses, to maximize your enjoyment of these shipwrecks.


The Thailand paradise island of Koh Chang is situated to the south of Pattaya offering scuba diving underwater adventures for new and experienced divers combined with superb beach holidays. The island is a short ferry ride from the Thai mainland and has more than twenty resident scuba schools and dive resorts.

Pattaya Diving - Shallow Seahorses and Sunken Shipwrecks

Unlike Phuket and Koh Tao, Pattaya’s year-round diving and snorkeling season is broadly unaffected by annual monsoon rains. The most dived coral archipelagos are the appropriately named Pattaya 'Near' and 'Far' island chains.

You will find a stimulating mixture of shallow dive sites for newcomers and snorkelers – including the new seahorse garden – and deeper destinations with sunken ship wrecks waiting to be explored by certified divers with experience in deep diving.

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"Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Pattaya - sunshine, warm sea water, tropical sandy beaches, and uninhabited faraway pinnacles. Head there for the best scuba training and snorkeling tours near Bangkok."

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