Pattaya Fishing Trips

The Pattaya islands of Koh Phai, Koh Khram and Koh Samae San is where the deeper water is.

Consequently, these are the optimum fertile areas for keen fisherman.

This is where they are most likely to encounter varieties of bigger fish.

The main species that can be caught would include Sailfish, Rays, Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Barracuda, Pomfret, Pompano, Tuna, Queen Mackerel, Groupers, Snappers and Jacks.

The Gulf of Thailand is generally unaffected by the seasonal monsoons, so deep sea fishing is enjoyed throughout the year.

The fishing boats are comfortable twenty meter boats, and are equipped with a modern Galley, Heads (toilet ... to you and me), fresh water showers, live bait tanks and cabins.

The better fishing vessels also contain a Fishfinder, GPS, Marine Radio, and these are staffed by a qualified Captain, crew, and a cook. All our fishing trips include fishing gear.

Fishing trips can be booked on a 'join the group' basis, or the boat can be chartered for you own private fishing trip. We try to restrict the numbers to 8 fishermen per boat to ensure good service to our customers, plus room for your friends.

Freshwater Fishing in Pattaya

Pattaya Fishing Trip Luxury Boat ChartersIf you want to fish in or near Pattaya there are freshwater parks and lakes, reservoir dams, fish ponds, stocked pools, big game fishing, and deep sea boating charters in the Gulf of Thailand.

Set sail around the 3 main islands for fishing near Pattaya and you are a short boat trip away from the best catch or sign up for a special overnight fishing charter on a VIP Motor Yacht.

Keen fishermen know that Bangkok fishing parks are famous for their freshwater angling but we review the top opportunities around Pattaya and Jomtien.

Join a deep sea fishing trip for Giant Barracuda, Queen Fish, or cobia fish in the saltwater of the Eastern Seaboard, or employ a local guide and go hunting for Sharks, Rays, Marlin and Sailfish.

Cheap fishing trips in local freshwater parks or lakes are superb value for money in Thailand. Fun fishing season for Carp in the holiday resort of Pattaya is almost constant all year and tackling one of the secluded inland fishing parks is easy and affordable family entertainment.

If you are a little more adventurous, you can try extreme predatory fishing for giant size Catfish, monster Snake-head, and Barramundi. Our recent reviews suggest that the price to fish in Pattaya parks usually includes the fee for the fishing permit, the bait, and the rod and reel.

Please Contact our Fishing Team for more information about Deep Sea Fishing in Pattaya.

Spearfishing in Pattaya

We understand that Pattaya spearfishing activities are not promoted in many areas. In Pattaya diving and fishing excursions are not often supported on the same boat, but there are guided opportunities for spear fishermen in Pattaya.

Day trip packages usually head out to the remote islands or head south around Samaesan. 

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