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Pattaya Freshwater Fishing Parks & Ponds

Not all fisherman like to be out at sea. Pattaya has some delightful and interesting fresh water fishing parks and waterways.

Anglers will find that Pattaya's inland pools and ponds compete very well with Bangkok for big Catfish and Carp Fishing. We have seen reports of monster catfish being caught up to 30 kg in weight.

Pattaya Fishing Park

Visiting anglers are sometimes surprised to find out that Pattaya has a host of coarse and fly fishing hotspots.

The best of the local lakes, pools, and parks in East Pattaya, Na Jomtien, and Bang Saray provide homes and tight lines for monster-sized Siamese Carp, Mekong Catfish, Pacu, Yeesok, Snakehead, Barramundi, and Prawn Fishing.

One of Pattaya's best freshwater parks is located a few miles south of the city close to the Sukhumvit Highway.

It is a favorite with local anglers who often give great reviews about the fish and facilities. Prices for a day's fishing including the gear start from 400 baht.

There are two banks where you can cast from and a third less accessible for the really adventurous fishers. The main bank is easy to access and has tables and chairs for relaxing and eating.

Pattaya fishing park has a good combination of shaded areas and sunny spots with a pleasant breeze cooling things down in the afternoon.

The staff provide fishing equipment for rent and usually comes with bait. They will provides guides if you need some help.

Pattaya Freshwater Fishing TripsIf you are fishing for Catfish, the preferred bait in the lake tends to be bread, which is available for purchase at approximately 35 baht a kilo. Most of the expert fishermen use float fishing or ledger.

It has been reported that great care and speed is taken to return the fish back in to the water.

They try to prevent any unnecessary suffering for the fishes and many reviews that I have seen indicate that antiseptic spray is used after the hook has been removed to help prevent infection.

Freshwater Fishing Parks in Pattaya

Day Permits: Prices start from 300 baht which usually includes rod, reel and some bait.

Freshwater Predatory Fishing in Pattaya

You might be forgiven for wondering what is predatory fishing. Exclusive, monster-size fish are introduced into purpose built parks and lakes. You will find most predatory lakes contain Arapaima, Red Tailed and Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Barramundi, Spotted Featherback, and Black Pacu. You are almost guaranteed to have a good catch.

Freshwater Predatory Fishing Day from 4,000 Thai Baht/Angler


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