Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing in Pattaya

Deep Sea Fishing Trips and private Charters in the Pattaya Sea area of the Thai Gulf are mostly unaffected by the summer south-west monsoons.

You can charter a sport fishing boat almost any day of the season.

The optimum months for catching big fish are the winter months of November until the end of March when the water temperature is cooler.

If you are a big game fisherman visiting Pattaya, you should be chartering a boat to the deep water around the islands of Koh Phai, Khram Yai, and Samae San.

This is where you have a chance to haul in Sharks, Rays, Barracuda, Trevallies, Queen Fish, and huge cobia (black kingfish). If you use a knowledgeable boat Captain, they know the best spots to fish for Marlin and Sailfish.

The local fishing community in Pattaya reliably informs me that you should use live fish, prawn, and squid for bait if you're going for the big catch.

Fun Fishing at Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Deep Sea Sport Fishing TripsIf you are uneasy being on a boat, Pattaya has some hotspots for shoreline beach fishing.

The best locations are not obvious to holiday makers, but the locals prefer to fish in the north of Pattaya around Naklua and Wongamat concrete beach jetty.

There is a popular small lighthouse near to the rocks at Pattaya Port.

This is also a favorite spot for shore fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing at Na Jomtien beach is fun and a great place to be lured to and watch the sun set over the water as you pass a few hours with a spinning rod.

Pattaya Deep Sea Fishing Packages

Fun Fishiing 1 Day from 2,000 Thai Baht Per Person

Deep Sea Fishing 1 Day from 12,000 Thai Baht Per Person

Individual Fishing Boat Rental 1 Day from 20,000 Thai Baht

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