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One of the biggest underwater attractions for scuba enthusiasts in Asia would certainly include its corals and warm clear water dive sites.

In fact the rich diverse coral reefs in South-east Asia are considered by most conservationists to be among the most important on our planet and make up 75% of the 800 known coral species.

The Asian Diver section aims to bring you an informative guide to the top dive sites and other useful detailed information for divers in Asia.

Whether your scuba passion is the graceful manta rays in Thailand, the mighty whale sharks in the Philippines or the macro marine life in Indonesia, we are dedicated to making an unbiased data bank of information and advice.

Dive Sites in Asia

Scuba Diving in Cambodia

Although Cambodia is one of the lesser known diving destinations in Asia, divers may be pleasantly surprised if they choose to dive around Cambodia's islands.

The main diving coastline and popular resort is concentrated around Sihanoukville which is located in the Gulf to the south of eastern Thailand.

The inner and outer island reefs offer rocky outcrops and virgin coral reef formations which benefit from a relatively low volume of diving visitors.

Scuba Diving in India

Although many of the dive sites in India remain isolated and largely unspoiled, there is a selection of diving destinations that are visited regularly, such as in Goa, Lakshadweep and the emerging Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Featuring a diverse and exotic underwater environment, scuba diving and snorkeling adventures in India are becoming more popular and accessible with many new diving sites still waiting to be explored.

Colorful marine life, exotic tropical fish and large pelagic fish life await the adventurous diver willing to explore this relatively untouched area in south Asia.

Scuba Diving in Indonesia

Most of the scuba diving sites in south east Asia are commonly referred to as the 'Coral Triangle' and Indonesia may be the least known. However, Indonesian dive sites rate among the best in the world with a rich biodiversity of marine life and coral reefs.

Containing more than 13,000 tropical and deserted islands, Indonesia offers an incredible range of World War II wreck diving and macro diving from the beach, island and deep water trench diving, live aboard trips, Tec diving and so much more.

The Seas of Indonesia hold some of the best diving opportunities and include Komodo, Sulawesi and Bali which are all excellent destinations for a scuba diving adventure holiday.

Scuba Diving in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the richest waters in Asia with an amazing variety of large fish, pristine coral atolls and incredible macro dive sites. Malaysian Borneo and Sipadan Island are world class diving sites famous for their hammerhead sharks, turtles and large predatory fish.

Whereas the beautiful equatorial islands of Sabah are blessed with white sandy beaches fringed with coconut palm trees offering the traveler a superb selection of excellent diving and amazing tropical scenery.

Scuba Diving in Thailand

Thailand is world renowned for its excellent variety of easily accessible scuba diving sites in the warm waters of South East Asia. With average water temperatures of 29 degrees and underwater visibility ranging from 5 to 45 meters, its no surprise that divers regularly choose Thailand for the dive holidays and scuba career enhancement.

The Andaman Sea to the west of Thailand and especially Phuket and the Similan and Surin Islands to the north, offer arguably the best of Thai diving experiences, whereas the Gulf of Thailand to the East provides divers with a range of Wrecks and Reefs that generally offer year round diving opportunities.

"From the famous holiday diving destinations in the Maldives to the increasingly developing dive sites in Cambodia, we hope divers of all experience levels will find our guide to Scuba Diving in Asia helpful and enjoyable. Please contact us if you would like to add your Dive Operation to our growing list of dive sites and operations. We welcome your questions and comments."

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