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Best Diving Sites in Indonesia

Search the internet for dive sites in Indonesia and you are bombarded with diving and snorkeling superlatives.

Indonesia encompasses the world's largest archipelago of more than 17,000 islands.

It is reported that Indonesia's 3 million km of territorial waters provides homes for almost 15% of all coral reefs on the planet.

Indonesia stretches eastwards from Asia in the west to the borders of Melanesia and Australia.

Barring Brazil, rich biological realms on land and sea do not get more evident and important than these regions.

Scuba diving in Indonesia is relatively undiscovered and continually emerging. The most popular dive sites are uncrowded and new pristine locations are being explored.

Scuba Diving in Indonesia

Underwater locales where no-one has yet dived remain undiscovered. Indonesia does experience a rainy season but the islands are good for diving almost any month of the year.

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