Stingray Facts and Species Information

Taxonomy [Cartilaginous Fishes] [Phylum: Chordata] [Class: Chondrichthyes] [Family: Batoidea]

Stingrays are cartilaginous fishes which are in fact related to sharks.

Rays are broadly found in tropical marine oceans and some subtropical environments.

The majority of stingrays have tails with barbed stingers excluding porcupine and manta rays.

The sting of the ray is only used to defend itself from threats.

Their venom glands are condensed on the tail skin which is known as the integumentary sheath.

Most stingrays are demersal, meaning that they live and feed near the bottom of their habitat; however the eagle ray is a pelagic stingray.

Stingray Facts and Species InformationStingray Species

Blue spotted stingrays belong to the Dasyatidae family and are often called Kuhl's stingray.

The light green disk shaped body with distinct blue spots can grow to almost half a meter in diameter.

They prey on small fish and mollusks. Its venomous tail spine is used for protection but caution should be exercised by divers and snorkelers.

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