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Pattaya Thailand Tourist Guide

Pattaya is one of the most famous cities and tourist destinations in Thailand. No wonder! Pattaya has everything that a holidaymaker could possibly want.

Cheap or expensive places to stay, nightlife, day life, the beaches - yes there are several beaches to choose from.

Famous Areas in Pattaya Holiday Resort

Pattaya probably has the best all year round climate in Thailand. Never seeming to get the extremes of any weather system.

There are many things in and around Pattaya that makes it a favoured tourist destination and place to live. Not just for the overseas tourist, but also for the Thais who want a bit of life and relaxation from the chores or work.

Pattaya - quite simply - is user friendly for tourists of all kinds. Pattaya is renowned for its nightlife and sex spots.

But there is much much more to Pattaya than that. It has always been a major holiday resort city, and continues to grow in that respect, with much building taking place to ensure that the expansion in this area is well catered for.

The big attraction of Pattaya is that there is something in or nearby for all members of the family to enjoy. Pattaya is also renowned for its excellent medical services and facilities including high standard hospital care.

Basically, Pattaya is divided into several distinct areas - each having their own particular identities. The most renowned area of Pattaya includes these famous attractions.

Pattaya Beach Area

It is the driving force for the nightlife upon which Pattaya thrives. The actual beach - whilst world famous with its sweeping bay - was the focal point for visiting US troops in need of a break from the battle fatigue.

Pattaya Beach with Speed BoatsNow this area probably causes more 'battle fatigue' than it cures!

The world-famous Pattaya walking Street continues on from Beach Road - bordering the sea.

Many of the 'night-life' sois/streets connect Beach Road with the Pattaya Second Road area. The Beach area is full of 'touristy' shopping areas, and of course the renowned Pattaya Central Festival Mall.

Central Pattaya City Area

This is a bustling shopping and hotel area stretching from the Beach up through the city to Sukhumvit Road. Other than the bar scene, it is mainly an area for hotel stays and essential shopping activities.

Its main road is Pattaya Klang (Pattaya Central) which links the all important through road of Sukhumvit and the Second Road. Being the second road that runs parallel to the Beach Road.

Jomtien Beach Area

It is home to the second most popular beach in the city, and is often preferred for those in need of a little rest from the crowd.

However, Jomtien is set to become a very close rival to the main Pattaya Beach, as facilities are provided to match and cater for the growing number of holiday apartments and condominiums that are in various stages of construction.

Na Kleua

North Pattaya

Thepprasit Road


Slowly but surely the old sleaze image is being discarded as more family orientated attractions come on stream. The famous 'beach' at Pattaya is rightly known as a tourist hotspot, but there are many other beaches in the Pattaya area - notably Jomtien and Wong Amat Beaches.

Jomtien is set to take the crown away from Pattaya Beach perhaps - with its cleaner water and also being more family-friendly! Wong Amat - difficult to find - is simply at the northern end of Pattaya Beach, and is well worth finding if you want a bit more space.

Pattaya is not all just sea and sand. Food, quality hotels and resorts, access to many interesting local attractions, and normally good weather, all year round.

Sea sports abound on the main beaches - everything from snorkeling through to sail gliding - or just a hair blowing trip on one of the many speedboats. You could also try your hand at staying on one of the banana boats, or hire a jet ski.

Sports Activities in Pattaya

Pattaya is a popular place for energetic people to start playing a sport or to participate in one of the numerous games and pastimes.

This section contains an alphabetical list of outdoor and indoor sporting activities in Pattaya with extra information about the professional facilities available for athletes.

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