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Emergency Phone Numbers and Services

A listing of useful and essential contact details for public and private organisations in the Pattaya area.

Essential Services and Telephone Numbers

We will provide a 'printout' page in case this information is required whilst there is a power cut.

It is best to print it and then keep it safe before any emergency event takes place.

Please contact us if you feel there are any important phone number omissions.

The same procedure applies if you would like your own organisation included in our list of emergency phone numbers in Pattaya.

We only require those details of a 'public service' nature. Normal trade outlets can be found elsewhere on this website.

Royal Thai Police Pattaya

The Royal Thai Police are always active in Pattaya - ensuring that offenders are caught - but also to help Thai and Visitors alike.

As well as the Main police Force, there is a unit specifically set up to help tourists - The Pattaya Tourist Police.

Samaritans of Thailand

Need help? Feeling suicidal? Please call the Samaritans of Thailand English Help Line.

Telephone: 02-713-6791

Pattaya Immigration Advice and Information

Pattaya Immigration Department is part of the provincial Chonburi Immigration. As with all main cities in Thailand, Pattaya has its own Immigration Department.

It's necessary in part because of the huge number of visitors to Pattaya, and also because of the ex-pat population living here.

Pattaya Immigration is situated in Soi 5 Jomtien Beach. Advice and information about all visa and immigration matters. The centre does tend to get a little busy, so be prepared to wait in queues, fill in forms, and look for a seat.

The staff are very helpful - generally speak English - and there is normally a Falang in attendance to help you with your query. he is normally overwhelmed with requests - as are the Thai staff.

A ticket queue system is in operation, so DO make sure that you get your ticket from the counter on the left hand side.

Display boards will show you how many people are in front of you for any given section/desk. Once you judge the time you will have to wait, there is a coffee shop or so outside

Hospitals in Pattaya

Pattaya City Hospital - 038 420 562 - (Soi Buakhow)
Pattaya Memorial Hospital - 038 429 442

Full list of Pattaya Hospitals

Local Services in Pattaya

Important: British nationals can contact the British Embassy in Bangkok for help with emergencies in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Tourist Guides and Information

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