Spearfishing Trips at Pattaya Islands

It may not be the most popular fishing in Pattaya or Thailand.

But the centuries-old sport of hunting, spearing fish, and catching food is a favorite activity for some adventure seekers.

Spearfishing is usually done while free diving, skin diving, or snorkeling.

However, I have seen some divers in scuba gear with a mechanical spear gun in their hands chasing the big fish around the Pattaya coral islands.

This extreme sport receives highly sensitive reviews in some areas and it is illegal in many countries. General informative reports about spearing fish in Thailand suggest that the kill is selective, environmentally friendly, and produces relatively zero by-catch.

Spearfishing trips in Pattaya is meant to be a fun activity and if you decide to shoot a fish, make sure that you get full tuition by a local expert guide with you.

It is important to review the safety rules and get up-to-date information on what can animals be killed and what should not. You will learn to use top quality spear guns such as Beauchat and Cressi-sub. You will also need snorkeling gear, fins, and a weight system.

The weather and sea conditions of the day will determine the diving destination for the spearfishing trip.

Most trips head out reefs around the islands or further south near to Samae San and Sattahip.

You can expect to spear some of the biggest fish around the reefs, such as Trevally, Grouper, Snapper, Jacks, and Barracuda. Other smaller local favorite fish for supper include Coral Trout, Sweetlips, Rabbit Fish, and Fusiliers.

Spearfishing Trips: Price starts around 3,000 THB

Pro Tip: Another section contains a list of equipment needed for spearfishing, including the essentials that first-timers need to start hunting for fish underwater.

Spearing a Fish

Traditional spearfishing requires an extensive combination of patience and concentration.

The art of spearing a fish results from adhering to safe practices and employing the correct technique, especially if you intend to eat your catch afterwards. Our guide suggests three best tips of how to spear a fish.

  1. Spearfishing Trips at Pattaya IslandsAlways use the appropriate equipment and make sure that it is maintained properly. Spearfishing in clear water is preferable and do some research into the fish stocks in the area that you will be hunting.
  2. Check if the fish are edible and learn how to recognize the tasty ones. Targeting single meandering or feeding fish increase your chances of the kill.
  3. As you approach your target, make sure that your gun safety is enabled and your spear is cocked ready. Inhale deeply and then thrust your legs and fins into the air allowing your torso to sink quietly downwards into the water with minimum splashing. You may need to compensate for the buoyancy in your wet suit and body mass.
  4. If you can creep close to the fish try to assess if your prey is within the reach of your spear. If so, aim for the fishes head and release your spear as smoothly as possible. Having speared your target, quickly swim towards your fish and grab your spear or a safe part of the fish’s body. Ascend to the surface and remove the fish from the water as humanely as possible.

Spearfishing Tips

Warnings About Spearfishing

Be sure to check the local regulations and laws about spearing fish, free diving, and the equipment you are using. Spearfishing can be a dangerous activity.

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