Koh Man Wichai

Koh Man Wichai Dive and Snorkel Sites

Dives around this dive site in Pattaya can stretch down to 25 meters.

There are two main dive sites, one being the 'Wall Dive' and the other being the 'Fingers'.

Both areas provide a variety of corals including staghorn coral, and table corals.

Here is where you're most likely to see larger fish such as Barracudas, while you're in Pattaya diving.

Koh Man Wichai Diving Facts

Best Dive Months: Year round

Average Depth: 8m

Maximum Depth: 15m

Underwater Visibility: 5 - 15m

General Currents: Weak to Moderate

Unusual Hazards: Sea Urchins

Marine Life: Moray eels, Stingrays, Squirrel Fish, Fusiliers, Rabbit Fish, Butterfly Fishes, Octopus, Wrasse, Angelfish, Damsel Fish, Puffer Fish, Seahorses, Snappers, Hermit Crab.

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