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Chon Buri East Coast of Thailand

Chon Buri is to some extent the gateway to the East Coast of Thailand. It is a well industrialised area, but with many getaway areas for the visitor.

It is the gateway to the East Coast of Thailand - The Eastern Seaboard Area. as its name suggests, Chonburi City is the administrative headquarters of Chonburi Province.

Travelling from Bangkok to Chonburi

Chonburi is the nearest town to Bangkok that boasts some seaside and beaches, around 82 kilometres south east of Bangkok.

There are many industrial estates in and around Chonburi, but these are balanced for the visitor, by some good visitor attractions, and of course, the long beach at Bangsaen.

Much of the Thailand automobile accessories and parts are manufactured at Chonburi in one of the industrial parks.

These are all accessible to the world from the Laem Chabang deep water port which is a destination for bringing in raw materials and transporting the finished products to Asia and beyond.

Chonburi is overshadowed in the tourism stakes by the nearness of Pattaya, but is nonetheless a popular 'get-away-from-it-all' destination for the people of Bangkok.

Chonburi has many natural areas and facilities in Chonburi Town, and of course fresh seafood restaurants are in evidence everywhere. The Province has a long coastline with several popular beaches.

One of the most-visited attractions in the province is the Chinese Temple at Ang Sila.

An open zoo is worth a visit - as is the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. The Tigers - even though in captivity - are an awesome reminder of Thailand's past. They seem well cared-for.

The close proximity to Bangkok and past history is evident in several Chinese-style temples, with one of the most spectacular being at Ang Sila, not too far from Sriracha.

The holiday resort Pattaya is included in Chonburi Province. But, the area is treated as a separate area for administration purposes.

How to get to Chonburi

Car journey - is roughly one hour from Bangkok - Highway 34 - Bang Na-Trat. The motorway is better, and will get you there quicker.

Bus - Air-con bus from Bangkok Eastern Terminal - Ekamai - normally leaves every 40 minutes from early morning. Also, there are non- air-con buses, which leave every 30 mins. Ekamai phone 0239 12504.

From Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal - (Mochit - No 2 Terminal) Air-con buses also travel to Chonburi. 02936 285266.

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