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Information about Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand's Capital City and a center for tourists and holiday makers. Bangkok has a life and energy all of its own! The city is unique, in that old meets new, yet it lives in total harmony.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Maybe it is because the old and new are so very different, that the phrase 'opposites attract' springs to mind.

Normal day life in Bangkok bears no resemblance to the throbbing nightlife that takes over the city once the lights go on!

For the Tourist and holiday maker, Bangkok offers everything, somewhere.

Sometimes the problem can be finding it!

The traffic is a problem in Bangkok - but mostly air conditioned, and everyone gets where they are going all in good Thai Time!

There are around 400 Buddhist temples in Bangkok - it's a photographer's dream!

Shopaholics are well catered for with markets, markets and markets.

But also the most modern shopping malls to be found anywhere.

Your price range will dictate which you use. There are shops for all tastes and pockets.

There is so much to see and savour in Bangkok.

Spectacular shopping malls, stunning Temples (Wats) Nightlife, architecture. You can zip around Bangkok in a few days.

It is far better to make it a mainstay destination and just breathe in the atmosphere which is Bangkok.

Bangkok is hot! Together with that, the temperatures are quite high as well. 30deg is commonplace, higher often, lower rarely.

Listing of the various types of temporary stay and permanent residences in Bangkok together with main contact details.

Shopaholics rejoice! Bangkok is renowned as one of the finest shopping areas in South East Asia. Shopping Malls, Markets and some of the most luxurious shopping areas await you.

There are aplenty - from basic foods right through to designer wear, gems. Amulets and all manner of transportable things.

One of the greatest tourist and living destinations could not be so without a wide range of eateries. Virtually all global cuisine styles are available at prices to suit the relevant pockets!

As with every major area in Thailand there are events and festivals most days and evenings. Thai cultural heritage and western tastes are all catered for.

Nobody can deny that traffic in Bangkok is notoriously slow - by road. However there are two good escape routes from the ground level traffic - The Sky train BTS service and the superb underground rail service of MRT. There are stations near all the main areas of the metropolis.

Look around and you will see beauty everywhere in Bangkok. An easy place to spoil or pamper yourself.

There is a network of government schools and higher education establishments well within reach of all areas of the city. International schools are well documented as being some of the finest in ASEAN.

Make your choice and take your pick. Something for everyone in Bangkok after the lights go down. Places on offer range from some of the most luxurious cinemas, theatres and of course bars - with everything else in between.

As well as the 'activities on offer, there are stunning visitor attractions - both passive and active - throughout or near to the city. Thai Heritage is well catered for.

A listing of art galleries and museums in Bangkok areas with contact details and featured pages where applicable.

Bangkok is blessed with a wealth of parks and gardens ranging from small local garden areas to large parks of significant importance.

As you would expect of the capital city, Bangkok is home to some of the finest and most important Wats in Thailand, housing many noted Buddha images.

The heat and humidity is often confused for pollution. Not so. I have beautiful clear views over Bangkok from my 14th floor apartment. Yes, there is the occasional old diesel lorry or bus, and maybe a few unfamiliar smells.

But, there is much more to Bangkok than that! Bangkok has transformed itself in recent years, and the effects are almost immediately noticeable. 10 million people are said to live in Bangkok - around 10% of the entire Thai population!

Health Issues in Bangkok

Good health is an important factor for the quality of everyone's lives. Sometimes emergencies happen, and you need a phone number quickly.

Another section contains important information relating to health matters in Bangkok with details about the best hospitals, dentists, and private clinics.

Sporting Activities in Bangkok

Thailand's capital city is a popular place for energetic people to start playing a sport or participating in one of the numerous games and pastimes.

Click though for an alphabetical list of outdoor and indoor sports activities in Bangkok with key information about the professional facilities available for athletes.

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