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Central Thailand Provinces (Cities)

According to the Board of Investment (BOI), there are seventy seven (77) provinces in Thailand, and Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) is the largest by land area.

This section focuses on the twenty two (22) provinces that make up the central region of Thailand - including the Bangkok Metropolis (capital city).

All Regions in the Alluvial Plain of Thailand

Bangkok is the 'special administrative area' that divides the country into 77 provinces (changwat).

Furthermore, a governor appointed by the central government leads each province.

Formerly known as Siam, the 22 Central Thailand regions spread out over the broad alluvial plain of the Chao Phraya River.

The Phetchabun mountain range creates a border with the northeast (Isan) and the Tenasserim Hills separate it from Myanmar.

Plus, the 400 kilometre hilly system of the Phi Pan Nam Range forms a natural border to the north as it runs east through the Thai highlands and into Laos.

The central Thailand provinces, previously known as the heartland of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, now boasts Thailand's most primate city (largest by population and GDP), Bangkok.

Note: Some of the former provinces and administrative areas merged into other provinces. For example, in 1971 Phra Nakhon and Thonburi merged to form Bangkok.

Six-Region System of Modern Thailand

Using the geographic six-region system for reference, the central of Thailand (as shown in the image) divides the 22 provinces into three groups:

Greater Bangkok

North Central Thailand Region

South Central Thailand Region

Note: Clicking on any of the Central Thailand cities will take you to that particular section, where you will find further information about that province.

Central Region of Thailand Attractions

Koh Kret Pottery Village

A small island surrounded by the Chao Phraya River, and measuring about four (4) square kilometres, is the place to find Koh Kret Brewery and Pottery Village.

This is the ideal place to explore pottery in Bangkok, taste the local craft beers, or to do some holiday shopping at the riverside floating market.

Chao Phraya River Cruise

A special occasion can become even more memorable with a luxury cruise meandering down the most important waterway in Bangkok, central Thailand.

Choose between the buffet, dinner cruise, or the two-hour luxury set menu dinner cruise departing as the sun sets over the Bangkok skyline.

Wat Pho Massage School Bangkok

The "Temple of the Reclining Buddha" is actually the oldest temple anywhere in Bangkok. In fact, they named it Wat Phodharam when it was first founded in the seventh century.

Even though they set up the original site for traditional medicine, the main attraction for tourists is the traditional Thai massage school near the Grand Palace.

Tip: Click through to our Pinterest pages called "Thailand and Tourist Activities" for more photos and information about Wat Pho massage school.

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