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Health Matters in Bangkok Thailand

Good health is an important factor in the quality of your life. Sometimes emergencies happen, and you need a phone number quickly.

HEALTH ADVICE: Do not come to Thailand without adequate all-inclusive Health Insurance. For ALL matters health.

Medical Information and Listings

There is not a free health service for visitors to Thailand. Thais have a 'card' system where - if they have a government-issued health card, they can get treatment at a Thai hospital for 30 baht.

As a visitor to Thailand, you will probably be taken to a 'private' hospital in the event of an emergency, and one of the first things they will want to know - sometimes before attempting to diagnose or treat your problem, is whether or not you have insurance.

If you are a DIY 'doctor' Do NOT buy medications from over the counter unless you are 100% certain of their origin. Fakes and poorly maintained medications are relatively commonplace.

There is a 'clinic' system operating in most larger places, who will cater for foreigners - even to the point of sorting out travel insurance if you need hospitalisation.

Most of the private hospitals offer a good 'walk-in' service, but suggestions of an overnight stay are not uncommon. Drips needed etc. These cost money, but will normally be covered by good insurance.

If you have a particular health problem before travelling, it is a good idea to take the necessary drug requirements with you.

Ensure that they are well described and that you have proof of your medical condition. This is especially the case if you need to carry any form of surgical implement - including your own syringes (advised).

Bangkok is well provided with private hospitals and clinics, and they are all geared up for quick processing of insurance documentation.

Bangkok Hospitals

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) operates most of the public (state-owned) hospitals in Thailand, such as the major healthcare institutions located in large provincial cities.

This section contains a list of government hospitals in Bangkok, including the large private hospitals regulated by the Medical Registration Division.

Insurance Cover

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) provides free travel advice for all British nationals when travelling abroad.

Check the importance of having the appropriate travel insurance for Thailand, even though the FCDO may be advising against all but essential travel to certain areas.

Health Matters in Bangkok ThailandClinics and Dental Listings

Dental Care in Bangkok

No shortage of dental practices in Bangkok. The right smile is important, and there are many dental practices willing to sway their expertise for your money.

Health Insurance in Thailand

Private health care can be expensive in Thailand. Make sure that you are fully covered with health insurance for all events.

Accidents can happen, and can also prove to be quite expensive if healthcare is involved

Spa and Massage in Bangkok

Whilst not in the 'essential' health categories, spas and massages are part of normal health life for many. We list those we have found in Bangkok.

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