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Attractions for Tourists in Bangkok

Bangkok is truly one of the great cities of the world. As you would expect, it has a great number of superb tourist attractions for its own residents and visitors from all over Thailand.

You can also add millions of tourists who flock to the capital through every month of the year. Day or night, there will be something - many things and options - for you to absorb yourself in a little bit of this city.

List of Top Bangkok Attractions for Tourists

The attractions are well geared to visitors, yet still retain the intrinsic charm of Thailand, and the exuberance of the city.

The weather need not be a hindrance - hot, wet or steamy, for the attractions include indoor and outdoor venues in most parts of Bangkok.

Don't be afraid to go 'off piste' in search of something to do, or somewhere to go - alone, with your partner, or with a large group.

Getting around Bangkok is not always speedy, but if you are near the Skytrain - in itself an attraction - or one of the MRT underground transport systems, most of Bangkok is available for you to explore.

Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River feeds much of Thailand and flows through the capital. It has much to offer in the way of attractions. Floating restaurants, canal exploration by long tail boat, and the beautiful buildings which front the river on both sides.

Museums and Galleries

Thailand is historic, and much of the history is on show in various museums and galleries throughout the country. Bangkok has several collections of note by way of national Museums and galleries.

Note: The launch of Bangkok City Library sees one of the newest libraries open its doors to the general public in Thailand.

Temples and Monuments

The Monuments and Wats (Temples of Thailand) play an important part in all aspects of life, from local involvement and prayer of the Buddhist population through to the majestic ceremonies that also take place.

The Wats are normally quite relaxing places to be - not known for pomp and ceremony. However, they are also sacred places - even though you might be bemused at the range of 'incidental' activities that take place in the grounds of many.

Parks and Gardens

The seasonal fluctuations and general climate ensures that plant life is in abundance in most parts of the country. The natural design flair of Thais is nowhere more appealing than in one of the many public parks and gardens.

Formal bedding displays juxtaposed with exotic trees and sculptures, will ensure that you do not waste your time with the camera.

Restaurants in Bangkok

The food eating restaurants in Bangkok range from the ubiquitous street food to the most chic restaurants, with a multitude of eateries in between.

Events and Festivals

There is never a shortage of things to do in Bangkok. The festivals and major events simply set the capital on a pedestal.

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