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Beaches in Chonburi Eastern Seaboard

Chonburi is near to Bangkok As such its beaches get a lot of visitors - especially at weekends. But the beaches are big - plenty of room for all.

Where are the Best beaches in Chon Buri?

Chonburi Province is one of the busiest commercial areas in Thailand, but has much to offer in the way of beaches.

It is the nearest East Coast province to Bangkok, and as you would expect, has a number of beaches that are weekend retreats for the capitals’ citizens.

Most of the beaches are long strips of sand with shallow water – which is host to all manner of water sports and recreation.

As well as the mainland beaches, which all front the Gulf of Thailand, there are several islands within the jurisdiction of the province.

The coral island of Koh Larn is the main one of note. But, Ko Soi Chang (Sri Racha) is also a very popular offshore attraction.

Weekdays are relatively quiet, but the weekends are normally very crowded and busy. However, the beaches are all comparatively large, so there is room for all.

The beaches are all sheltered in a protective bay, with the Gulf of Thailand being along the west coast of the province and are relatively clean, but the sea is not the clearest in Thailand.

There are many variations on ‘motorised’ water sports – ensuring that the waters are well churned. Most mainland beaches have an enclosed safe swimming water area, where speed boats, jet skis, banana boats and the like are not allowed.

The sea surrounding the two main islands is clearer, and it is possible to do snorkeling and scuba, but with limited visibility. Koh Larn being the better of the two.

All the beaches are fringed with palms offering shelter and shade.

There are also the inevitable clusters of umbrella shade areas. Whilst the beaches are not the most beautiful in Thailand, they all have access to many different activities, and of course on-site food vendors and gift sellers abound – sometimes a bit intrusive.

Pattaya is part of the Chonburi Administration, but is allowed special dispensation to look after many of its own affairs. Likewise, we treat Pattaya Beach as a 'special' case and give it its own section.

Bang Saen Ville

A long strip of white sand stretching for two and a half kilometres is a huge attraction for day trippers coming down from Bangkok or up the coast from Pattaya.

This tourist guide explains everything you need to know about Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi province, including how to get there and what to do when you arrive.

Wonnapa Beach - Near Bang Saen - A narrow strip of rocky beach with many palm trees.

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Tam Pang Beach - Koh Si Chang Beach

Nang Ram Beach

Nang Rong Beach

Toey Ngam Beach

Tayai Beach - Hat Tayai - One of the beaches on Koh Larn

Bang Saray Beach - Nuan Beach - Hat Nuan - Koh Larn - the Coral Island

Tawan Beach

Samae Beach

Wong Amat Beach - Pattaya

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