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Bang Saen Beach Chonburi Province Thailand

A lengthy strip of white sand, stretching for two and a half kilometres, is a huge attraction for day trippers coming down from Bangkok or up the coast from Pattaya.

This guide explains everything you need to know about Bang Saen Beach in Chon Buri province, including how to get there and what to do when you arrive.

Bang Saen Things to Do and Places to Visit

No matter whether you're a Thai national or a visiting tourist, the list of attractions near Bang Saen Ville keeps growing, including:

Having said that, the biggest attraction is the 2.5 km of soft, light-coloured sandy shoreline and a promenade with a cycling path running alongside it.

The cleaner water in this area also makes it a popular weekend getaway for water sports enthusiasts, such as for swimming and banana boat rides.

How to Get to Bang Saen Beach?

In fact, this is one of the busiest beaches in Chonburi province. The waterfront is 105 kilometres southeast of Bangkok (via Route 7) and 57 km north of the famous holiday resort of Pattaya City (Route 3702).

Plus, the bustling city of Chonburi is only fourteen (14) kilometres to the east. In other words, this region has become a regular weekend retreat and a welcome escape from the hectic pace of city life.

The beach has two separate sections (three if you include the extension of road and sea in the north). As you get to the beach from the main central road entrance, you have two choices:

Other than the inevitable flotsam that creeps in with the rising tide, the sands at Hat Bang Saen are free of litter.

The east coast of Thailand also boasts crystal clean water from October to February each year (due to some natural phenomenon).

One notable feature is the shallow shoreline that gently shelves its way out to sea (actually the north-eastern Gulf of Thailand). Hence, canoeing and kayaking are some of the popular semi-passive activities.

The sand is slightly firm under foot. Thus, this is an ideal destination for people, young and old, to walk away from their troubles (or to lose a little excess weight).

Talking of cuisine, this district is renowned for its fine selection of seafront restaurants selling seafood, fresh fish, and other local dishes.

Fresh Air and Fitness at Bang Saen Beach

Coconut palm trees line the walkway along the beach road. This has become a popular spot for hiring bicycles and for exercising at the public park.

The entire length of the coastline seems to be populated with umbrella restaurants along the adjacent paved walkway. The long northern section is good for walking, eating, and finding a solid boulder on which to sit to watch the world go by.

But wait - there's more:

You might also try your hand at a bit of sea fishing here. The esplanade is rarely crowded enough to interfere with anglers long casting from the breakwater.

There is a more relaxed atmosphere at Bang Saen beachfront than the beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien - and certainly more available sand for sunbathing.

Important: The beach is particularly popular at weekends. But, the great swathe of clean sand rarely feels overcrowded.

Bang Saen Nightlife

It's known as the "quiet sibling of Pattaya". Nonetheless, Bangsaen beach is pleasant and relaxing as the sun sets in the west.

Yes, there are pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues for the young and 'not so young' to have fun. But, any serious partygoers might be better off staying in Bangkok for sampling night-time frivolities.

Where to Stay in Bang Saen

There are many hotels and resorts along or near to the beach if you are heading to Bang Saen from Bangkok or Pattaya. You should find them reasonably priced, but they tend to get booked up during Thailand public holidays and at the weekends.

Bang Saen History and Culture

In fact, the name [หาดบางแสน] originates from Thai folklore. Two young sweethearts from Chonburi, going by the name of Saen and Sam Muk jumped off a cliff and drowned in the water together.

This is one reason why many of the places in Bangkok's nearest seaside town honour their names - such as Khao Sam Muk.

Here's the thing:

According to the Bangkok Post, the population of Bang Saen is around 47,000 [in 2019] and there are about another 30,000 unregistered.

The local university (Burapha University) ensures a steady supply of fun-seeking youths, even though it is on the edge of one of the most industrialised provinces in Thailand

Help Guides and Information

Tip: The short video [19:17 seconds] presented by 'Life in Thailand' explains more about this popular seaside destination around 1 hour drive from Bangkok (at least 2 hours by public bus).

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