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Thai Festivals: Public Holidays in Thailand

No-one quite does festivals like they do festivals in Thailand - and that's a fact! Major Thai Festivals are generally based upon Buddhist calendar events, but there are many others – nationally and locally.

There are many festivals in Thailand that depend upon some form of Thai culture, together with many locally-based ones to celebrate a unique aspect of that particular area.

Buddhist Festivals and Public Holidays

Many festivals are based upon trade or shopping events, and some are simply as the result of a ‘Hey – let’s have a festival’ thought by some or other entrepreneur or general merry-maker.

Many are initiated and overseen by the local areas of government for various reasons.

The main thing is that most festivals in Thailand – even the serious ones – have an element of fun. Sanuk! (Thai word for fun)

The Buddhist festivals take place at certain times of the year – usually based upon the lunar cycle. These will have important Buddhist and cultural significance. That is not to say that they are all ultra-serious events. Far from it!

There will be many ancillary displays of Thai culture, entertainment, music and general merry-making.

The Songkran Festival is one of the more important for Thais – and tourists. It takes place April 13th – 15th and is the start of the Thai New Year.

Festival of Light in Chiang Mai ThailandThailand will also celebrate two other ‘new Year Festivals’ earlier.

The Chinese New Year – at the full moon in January or February, and before that, the International New Year on January 1st (and a few days either side!).

So in the space of 4 months, Thais will have the opportunity to celebrate 3 New Year Festivals.

Yes, the early months of the calendar year are full of fun and days off from work courtesy of various public holidays.

Local Thai Festivals

Thai festivals are not all national events. There are many locally based events that are based upon regional or village culture or activity.

Umbrella Festival, Gemstone, assorted Boat Festivals together with Fruit, Vegetable, Flowers, and Orchid Festivals.

The image left was taken at the Chiang Mai Festival of Light - a spectacular event which sees the launching of many hundreds of paper lanterns into the sky.

All of these will have 'added' Thai attractions - just to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. You are certain to see many Thai crafts being demonstrated, and if that sounds a bit so-so, you will soon come to realise that Thai people have not forgotten how to use their hands.

List of Thai Festivals and Public Holidays 2024

Date Holiday Name Type
January 01 New Year's Day National Holiday
January 13th National Children's Day Observance
January 16th Teachers' Day Observance
February 10th Chinese Lunar New Year's Day Regional Holiday
February 14th Valentine's Day Observance
February 26th Makha Bucha Day National Holiday
March 20 March Equinox Season
April 6th Chakri Memorial Day National Holiday
April 13th Songkran Festival (Thai New Year) National Holiday
April 14th Songkran Festival National Holiday
April 15th Songkran Festival National Holiday
May 1st Labor Day National Holiday
May 4th Coronation Day National Holiday
May 6th Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day Government Holiday
May 22nd Visakha Bucha Day National Holiday
June 3rd H.M. Queen's Birthday National Holiday
June 21st June Solstice Season
July 1st Mid-Year Bank Holiday Bank Holiday
July 20th Asahna Bucha Day Holiday National Holiday
July 22nd Bhuddist Lent Public Holiday
July 28th H.M. King's Birthday Observed
August 12th H.M. Queen's Birthday (Mother's Day in Thailand) National Holiday
September 22nd September Equinox Season
September 24th Prince Mahidol Day National Holiday
October 23rd Chulalongkorn Day National Holiday
December 5th Birth Date of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej National Holiday
November 15th Loy Krathong National Holiday
December 5th Father's Day in Thailand National Holiday
December 10th Constitution Day National Holiday
December 12th Constitution Day Observed National Holiday
December 21st December Solstice Season
December 24th Christmas Eve Observance
December 25th Christmas Day Observance
December 31st New Year's Eve National Holiday

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