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Thailand FAQ and Answers

This guide is where you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about Thailand.

Can I Rent a Long Stay Room or Dormitory?

The good news is yes you can. You may even find discounts available for long term stays in Thailand. Most guesthouses and some hotels will offer you a price concession for a long stay booking.

Accommodation in Thailand

Your options of room discounts improve even further if you travel to Thailand in the low season. You are likely to get a nominal discount even on short stays of 2 or 3 nights.

Like most things in Thailand, it is always best to ask. It is a cultural aspect of Thai people but they hate to say NO!

But, you should note a reversal of pricing structures on accommodation in high season. It is advisable to book your room in advance at certain peak times of the year.

An example would be during the Full Moon Parties on Ko Pha Ngan in the lower Gulf of Thailand. You may need to pay for at least one week and it is not uncommon to see inflated rates at these times.

Climate in Thailand

What is the Weather Like in Thailand Year Round?

It is best to think of Thailand as having three hot seasons in each year. As a rule, the weather is seasonal in all Thai Provinces, although it can get much colder in the north.

  1. Summer: Very hot running from March until the end of June. Daily temperatures peak around 38° Celsius and fall to a balmy 27 C at night time.
  2. Monsoon: This is a rainy time of year throughout much of the country. Thailand monsoon season runs from July through to late November. But, day time temperatures can still peak around 32° Celsius in the day time and drop to 16° after midnight.
  3. Winter: Cooler temperatures of Thai winter time run from November through to February. Daily temperatures hover around 28 Celsius and may fall to 16° overnight. The north of Thailand can see much lower temperatures for a few weeks in December and January.

Dangers and Hazards in Thailand

Are there Dangerous or Poisonous Animals in Thailand

There are some dangerous and poisonous animals found in the forests of Thailand. You should use extra caution while participating in a forest adventure trip. The most dangerous animals in Thailand are snakes, scorpions, jellyfish, and centipedes.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand confirm several species of deadly snakes exist in the Kingdom. But, it is unlikely for most visitors to see a deadly snake or get attacked and die from one.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no man-eating sharks endemic to Thai waters. Statistics show you are much more likely to die from a road accident in Thailand than by a shark or a wild tiger.

Here is a list of the most dangerous or poisonous animals you might encounter on a visit to Thailand.

How Dangerous is it to Travel in Thailand?

Schools and Education in Thailand

What are the Languages Spoken in Thailand?

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