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Thai Provinces by Area and Demographics

Thailand is divided into provinces which operate as the main administrative areas. The Provinces in Thailand are more or less equivalent to the same system in the USA or counties in the United Kingdom.

Each province will have its own administrative system for local issues including transportation, law and order, and matters of normal day to day life.

Geographical Listing of Provinces by Area

But at the same time are subject to the laws as laid out by the Thai government system.

Provinces generally have a provincial capital city or town, bearing the same name as the province - or vice versa.

Hence, chonburi can either be the City of Chonburi, or the Province of Chonburi which is also home to the city.

Most provinces are quite large geographically, and as such tend to have individual characteristics that are part of that general geographical area.

An instance would be Chantaburi - which is famous for its fruit growing, whilst the Isan provinces will be noted for various farming activities - rice being the predominant crop.

As with the national pride that Thai people have, there is certainly pride amongst Thais for the province in which they we born and bought up.

Central Thailand Provinces (Lower North)

Upper North Thailand Provinces

Lower North Thailand Provinces

North-East Thailand Provinces (Isan)

West Thailand Provinces

Eastern Seaboard Thailand Provinces

South Thailand Provinces (Lower and Upper Gulf)

Demographical Listing of provinces in order of Population size. Data provided by The National Statistical Office of Thailand.

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