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Buriram Province North Eastern Thailand

Buri Ram is one of the most important and sought after provinces in Isan - the North East Area of Thailand.

Geographically, it is bordered by Khen province and Mahasarakham province to the North; Sa-kaeo province to the South; Surin province to the East and Nakhon Ratchasima province to the West.

Places of Interest in Buriram

Buriram is a province with a long history in politics, and has many areas of outstanding beauty.

It is one of the highest provinces in Isan - but flat plain area for the most part - ideal for the important rice farming industry. Isan is also home to volcanoes - none active.

Buriram is not known as the City of Happiness for nothing. As it expands with many modern buildings, it also retains its charm associated with its historic past.

It is a place now visited by many foreign tourists - some of whom are setting up home, and of course Thais, who come in particular for the cultural and spiritual aspects.

There is much to see and visit for all tourists - Thai and foreigners. Some of the most visited and popular areas are:

Phanom Rung Historical Park

Area of historical interest with many spectacular Khmer Buildings.

Prasat Muang Tam Historical

Wat Khao Angkhan

Beautiful Buddhist Temple with Khmer attraction and different in that the Temple is constructed from stone that has a subtle pink colouring.

The Monument of King Rama 1

Is a spectacular new monument to an important King, who has special significance for the province of Buriram.

New I Mobile Stadium

Thailand has a FIFA accredited Stadium - at Buriram of course. (Buriram also has one of the most successful football teams in Thailand.)

Khao KraDong Forest Park

This forest park is home to the Khao Kradong Temple - situated at the highest viewpoint, surrounded by forest. It offers a superb view of Buriram City.

Weather and Climate in Buriram

Buriram has a climate that will suit many tourists . Hot for most of the year - cool and comfortable in the evenings.

It is one of the hottest areas in Isan - April always being the hottest time, and is subsequently the most popular time for tourists - the 'high' season! April is also the time for one of the main festivals - The Phanom Rung Festival- 4 -5 April.

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