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Where is Thailand Located on a Map?

The Kingdom of Thailand is situated geographically south of China and north of Australia in a region known as Mainland Southeast Asia.

Put another way, the country of Thailand is located in the continent of Asia and placed almost exactly at the center of the Indochinese Peninsula.

Where is Thailand Latitude and Longitude?

The easiest way to locate Thailand on a world map or globe is to pinpoint the nation which rests at the heart of the infamous Golden Triangle.

This opium-producing land mass converges between the regional borders of Myanmar, Thailand, China, and Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Thailand is reported to be the world’s 51st largest nation.

The Kingdom has a coastline measuring over 2,000 miles and occupies a geographical land mass of approximately 510,000 square kilometers, which is about the same size as mainland France.

Note: The Thai baht is the daily trading currency for the nation’s population of around 65 million people which constitutes into a density of over 130 people for every square kilometer.

Thailand latitude and longitude coordinates are 13.7500° N, 100.4833° E. If you plot these positions on a world map you should see that the country is in fact shaped like an elephant. Congratulations you have now located Thailand.

Coincidentally, the national emblem of Thailand is the Siamese elephant. The northern region represents the side view of its ears and the head, whereas the southern gulf area depicts the same shape as an elephant's trunk.

Thailand's Neighboring Countries

Locating the exact position of Thailand on a simple atlas is best done by finding and discovering the land borders of its neighboring countries.

So where is Thailand located in relation to other SE Asian countries?

Laos sits to the northeast, Myanmar (Burma) to the north and west, Cambodia is situated to the southeast, and the far south is where the Gulf of Thailand meets Malaysia and the Malay Peninsula.

The Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean constantly lap against the western shores of mainland Thailand.

Whereas the country's international and nearby maritime boundaries include Cambodia and Vietnam to the south and south east of the Thai Gulf respectively.

Where is Bangkok, Thailand?

The Kingdom has four distinct regions but if you are planning where to fly in to Thailand, the nation's capital is Bangkok.

The metropolis is the country’s political, industrial, and economic center. It is easily the largest and most populated city in Thailand with well over eight million citizens.

Having found where Thailand is located in Asia, finding where Bangkok is situated on the same world map is a simple task.

Where is Thailand? Latitude : LongitudeBangkok nestles in the country's central plains in the Chao Phraya River delta.

Despite the land mass having a resemblance to an elephant's head, the capital city is as close to the middle of Kingdom as you could get - running from north to south and west to east.

As with most geographical range calculators, the distance from Thailand to other countries is typically measured in kilometers using their capital cities.

The distance from Bangkok to the United Kingdom is 9,417km, 15,909km to the United States, and China is a mere 2,214km from the Thai Land of Smiles. Welcome to Thailand!

Map of Thailand and Cities

Thailand Map (Large)

Thailand map shown with kind permission of www.maps-thailand.com

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