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Living in Thailand Guide 2024

Browse through any Thailand travel guide and you'll soon realise why a short visit to this wonderful land often ends up being a long term settlement.

The list of topics in this information guide for tourists and expatriates are short snippets that click through to broad sections covering the basic facts about Thailand.

Essential Information about Life in Thailand

There is no doubt that living in the Kingdom of Thailand is amazing in so many ways.

It is a unique country that features Buddhist festivals, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands.

Here's the thing:

This simple info guide covers everything visitors need to know about Thailand - affectionately called the Land of Smiles.

So, no matter whether you are spending a few weeks or the rest of your life here, there is something to learn in this Thai travel guide.

Check out the list of topics below that include all the top points of interest tourists and expats ask about. It is an online resource to broaden your knowledge about amazing Thailand holidays and friendly Thai people that will welcome you.

Beaches and Islands

There are around 3,200 kilometres of coastline in Thailand lapped by warm, tropical seas. Hence, this kingdom is well known for beautiful Thai beaches, especially on the western shores.

Plus, the tropical islands of Thailand are famous for a calming ambience and strips of white sand, palm trees, and crystal clear seas.

Best and Worst Things

In keeping with all parts of the (civilised) world, there are good and bad things about Thailand. This is what makes a visit such a wonderful experience in life.

Chinese Year Signs

You might not believe you are affected by the powers governing the lives that relate to Chinese birth year signs. But, should you ignore them?

The Thai zodiac sign is an important part of the country's ancestry as it connects many nationals with the past. Use this guide to forecast your future with information about the 'real you' from the Chinese Thailand zodiac animals.

Culture and Customs

The roots of Thai customs and traditions are intrinsically connected to religion (Buddhism), to history, and to family life.

In fact it's not compulsory to be a monk in Thailand. But, there is a tradition called 'Tod Pa Ha' which translates to an offer of help or a donation to Buddhist monks at the monastery.

Festivals and Holidays

No-one quite does a festival like they do in Thailand! The major Thailand public holidays in 2024 relate to the Buddhist calendar events. But, there are many others - nationally and locally.

Finance and Banking

In general, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) oversees all the financial affairs for citizens and businesses, including the monetary and financial systems.

Food and Eating

Food for most Thai people is simply a means for survival. But for others, it is a way to make money as a business.

Even so, sampling the cuisine in Thailand is often a journey into the unknown. As such, it presents you with surprises - usually good ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any up-to-date info guide for tourists and expats living in Thailand needs a frequently asked questions section. This is where you'll find the answers to the most popular questions sent to our staff.

Health and Fitness

Nowadays, the people who live here have their fair share of health problems. The usual health scares do not respect country borders in Asia.

This help guide explains the issues around the general guidelines for health and safety in Thailand for the masses.

Legal Issues

Information in this section provides basic guidance on legal issues for foreigners and how the judicial system functions within the Kingdom of Thailand.

National Parks

The natural resources at the national parks in Thailand include areas of special importance. They cover 31% of the territory in the kingdom and contain ecological importance or outstanding beauty.

We have links to extra information about the protected areas in all 6 geographical regions of Thailand, including national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, non-hunting areas, and forest parks.

OTOP Products

The unique system of OTOP in Thailand has allowed certain villages or areas to develop different skills other than the usual expertise associated with the area in which they live.

Property and Land

Property is simply somewhere to live - a home. So, it's important to treat Thai people and their needs with respect when buying property in Thailand.


Even though they operate as the main administrative areas, the 77 Provinces in Thailand are more or less equivalent to the same system in the USA or counties in the United Kingdom.

Sport and Pastimes

The game of golf in Thailand arrived during the Reign of King Rama the 5th, over a century ago. The Gymkhana Golf Course in Chiang Mai is considered as being the oldest golf course in Thailand, opened in 1898 with 9 Holes.

Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage meaning relates to a very simple principle and observation. Basically, it is a normal instinct to place your hand on any area of the body that suffers pain (e.g. from an insect bite or overworked muscles).

Thailand News Today

These current reports covering Thailand News in English every day create a handy online resource for expats and tourists visiting the kingdom.

Travel and Transport

As a country that relies quite heavily on tourism, being able to travel on public transportation systems is important.

Thailand also has a good range of international and domestic airports that service the need to traverse the country.

Weather and Climate

Thailand is a long country running from north to south. In fact, the weather and climate in Thailand can be prone to monsoons in some areas.

Where is the Kingdom of Thailand?

Check exactly where is Thailand located with geographical coordinates (e.g. latitude and longitude). In fact, Thailand is south of China and north of Australia in a region known as Mainland Southeast Asia.

The large map of Thailand shows approximately 1,600 kilometres from the northernmost point down to the southern tip of the mainland. The area covered by the Kingdom of Thailand equates to that of France.

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