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What is My Thai Zodiac Sign

The Chinese zodiac is an important part of Thailand heritage as Thai ancestry connects many nationals with the past.

Use this guide to forecast your future with information about the real you from the Chinese Thailand zodiac animals.

How to Check Chinese Thailand Zodiac Sign

The Chinese Year Signs are as accurate as any other form of 'future telling' and probably more accurate than most.

Many Thais are of Chinese origin. That is why the year signs, and the Chinese zodiac are so much a part of Thai cultural aspects.

There are twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac - all represented by animals, but at the same time linked to earthly elements: being Water; Wood; Fire and Metal. The signs denote a set of years.

But, a person born as a dragon - i.e. in the Year of the dragon - can also be associated with other signs. For instance one could have a different 'inner' sign and even a different 'secret' sign.

First you need to know your year sign, i.e. Year of the Dragon. Then, once you have worked out your Chinese Year Sign, these observations will start to make sense to you.

The whole subject is of course enormous for study - dating back many years through many dynasties. It is a fascinating subject and one which will engross you if you allow.

2023: Year of the Hare (rabbit)

Luck seems to come to year of the Rabbit folk - often in large doses. Their ambitious and talented traits are good partners with large doses of good fortune - especially in financial matters.

Generally they keep their own council, but are not beyond a bit of gossip - but this is rarely of a demeaning kind. Their gossip is normally laced with fun.

Their ambition, coupled together with their natural diligence to matters of work, make them well respected - if not sometimes envied.

But beware! Good nature abounds, together with self-restraint in matters beyond their particular knowledge.

Therefore, gambling is generally a no-go area. When they do dip into the lucky dip, they often find what they are looking for - even if not always deserved! It is called Luck!

Pigs, Dogs and sometimes sheep people are best compatible.

2022: Year of the Tiger

As with their feline counterparts - the big cats - Year of the Tiger people have great traits of sympathy and kindness! If upset, they can have displays of bad temper - often short bursts that do lasting damage to others!

They are normally held in great respect by others, often displaying majestic traits. They are self-willed, and as such can often seem to be in conflict with elders and those in authority.

However, their deep respect for those who are higher up the tree shows through at most times.

Sometimes impetuous and seemingly undecided about things, tigers are difficult to fathom out. They have a natural - but well hidden suspicion of others around them, and this no doubt helps them to survive.

Power - both physical and mental - are often part of the Tiger's makeup. Dragons, horses and dogs make for good soul mates. A tiger as a friend is a worthwhile ally in times of need.

2021: Year of the Ox

Patience - but not always - is the noticeable trait of those born as Year of the OX. As such, they will normally go to great lengths to help those around them overcome a problem or so.

This allows for a building of confidence in their close friends. Conversely, they also anger quite easily - often showing through as silent moody tempers.

Their generally quiet manner belies the fact that they are also a little eccentric. Failure is not generally an option, though this is often disguised by their easy going attitude to life generally. Snakes are good company, as are the near related Rat People.

2020: Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat people are normally charming - an attribute that normally makes them attractive to the opposite sex.

Hard work is their forte in life, from which they normally gain material assets. To go with the hard work ethos, they are normally perfectionists - rarely accepting second best as the norm.

Their penchant for hard work, often sees them with spats of temper - or anger. They work hard for what they get, and are not too keen to depart with their gains.

Ambition is the big word throughout life, but relaxation and a bit of gossip never comes amiss. In spite of possessive tendencies, the rat Year people are often generous - to deserving causes only though!

They are good company in the presence of Dragons, Monkeys and Ox. Some of their tendencies tend to overlap with those born as Year of the Ox.

2019: Year of the Pig

During the year of the Pig, the sign represents overall good luck, fortune, and wealth. It also symbolises a hard working, truthful, and a peace-loving person who is sociable and displays a sizable sense of humour and understanding.

Belonging to the fourth Trine of the Chinese zodiac, the most compatible sign to the Pig is the Rabbit.

2018: Year of the Dog

As with their canine counterparts, Dogs are loyal people generally, though can sometimes be a little selfish and stubborn.

Their loyalty is the overriding feature which endears them to others, and they are often turned to with confidential problems of others.

They normally have most of what they want in life - seemingly without having to do much to attain it! Whilst they are loyal and trustworthy companions, they can seem a little aloof in company, though often ready to speak their minds.

This gives the impression that they are cold. Far from it! Whilst not overly ambitious, 'Dog' people often rise to the top, and make a good job of things once they are there.

Horse Tiger and Rabbit are seen as the compatibles - but in reverse order.

Chinese Thai Zodiac Sign: Fukuoka Kushida2017: Year of the Rooster

If your perception of a Rooster is one that spends most of its time with its head hidden under a wing, that perception needs correction!

Roosters - those of the Year of The Rooster, are busy people. Sometimes too busy to be bothered about others.

Sad, for they will be missing out on some important friendships, or maybe even neglect a relationship so much that it goes beyond repair.

Their commitment shown to their project is not always the commitment shown to others!

This is often mistakenly believed to be selfishness. Far from it. They are simply committed to the task in hand.

Woe betide anything or anyone that gets in the way until it is finished. When it is finished, and only then, will there be time for others and other things in life.

But, be quick, for something else will start soon.

Snake people and Ox's can be compatible - but it will need work. Dragons stand more of a chance of being good friends for life - or much of it!

2016: Year of the Monkey

Who has not seen video clips of Monkeys?

Artful, adept, flexible and crafty. Mix all that together with the qualities of inventiveness and lateral thinking, and you have the stereotypical kind of person who is born in the Year of the Monkey.

Whilst being successful, monkeys can also be quite disagreeable with their continual energetic manoeuvres.

Whilst they are great starters of things important, finishing the same things is not always easily accomplished!

Too much of a desire for knowledge and an indefatigable curiosity are often channelled into negative functions, with many things achievable, never achieved by Monkeys!

All the foregoing is typified by impulsiveness and the odd fit of pique if things do not go their way. It soon subsides, and other things are explored.

Here then is the Year of The Monkey! Dragon people make good companions, and rats are accepted after a period of 'trial'. A trial that is often too much for the rat!

2015: Year of the Ram

Artistry and elegance abounds with those fortunate enough to be born a Ram or Sheep. With artistry often comes lack of self-confidence.

Perhaps being covered up with artistic outwardness. Deep in thought for much of the time - often in matters of religion and the meaning of one's life.

Normally amongst the most affluent of people, Rams rarely have money problems (of their own making).

Gentleness and compassion are the favoured aspects of the Ram, and whilst wise, often make silly mistakes, which they try to hide.

Rabbit - surprisingly - Pigs and Horses are the most compatible fellow zodiac people.

2014: Year of the Horse

Mr. and Mrs. Popularity - these are those born under the Year of the Horse sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

None are more careful, with their money, though they can often talk themselves into trouble in spite of their natural traits of popularity.

As they say, give enough rope, and one can hang oneself! Their popularity often tempts them astray as far as the opposite sex are concerned. Popularity it seems - has its price to pay!

Whilst mundane work does not appeal, they are impatient with new projects, and of times a little hot blooded.

Parties and crowds are their feeding grounds. As with many popular people, they rarely heed freely given advice.

Sheep, Dogs are best companions - also Tigers but to a lesser extent.

2013: Year of the Snake

If you know a deep thinker, then you probably know a Snake person!

Whilst possessing great wisdom from their experience, this wisdom is not often imparted - unless asked for.

Snakes are happy to keep themselves to themselves. Financial problems do not normally exist for Snakes, but when they do have problems, they are usually BIG! Wisdom is not always on their side!

Normally good-looking in either sex, there is a degree of vanity brought about by the constant flow of admirers.

Whilst 'careful' with their money, they are often the first to help others less fortunate - especially if they can see or be persuaded that there is long term good to come out of it for the recipient.

Snakes are rarely in anyone else's pocket, and push their way forward to unheralded success. No matter, the Snake knows what success is and what is not, and that is generally all that matters.

Single mindedness can often lead to problems - especially with marriage and close relationships. Roosters - surprisingly - make for the best company, with Ox people also good companions.

2012: Year of the Dragon

As you would expect of a dragon, this year's sign is typified by displays of excitement and power - when aroused. But, for the most part they are best left sleeping!

Sensitivity with lashings of honesty are hidden beneath an exterior manner which sometimes suggests otherwise.

Whilst eccentric in overall manner, they rarely put on such displays, but the eccentricity is there nonetheless.

Money is safe here, but they are oft-times gullible arising out of good heartedness which allows others to sometimes take advantage. Snakes, Roosters and Monkeys are very compatible, but none more so than rats!

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