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Thailand Best and Worst Facts List

In keeping with all parts of the (civilised) world, there are many good and many bad things about Thailand. It is what makes for a wonderful experience in life.

The best of everything in Thailand. Holidays, beaches, islands, food, places and so on. We seek out the best for you.

What are Some Bad Things about Thailand?

Some of you will disagree with our selections.

Fair game, for we all have different ideas. Email us at the bottom of this page with your own suggestions for the best of Thailand.

Just don't try to plug your own business.

Judging by the searches in Google and other search engines, you are all seeking out the best for yourselves and family.

Nearly a quarter of a million of you (246,000) search for "Best Thailand" EVERY month!

So, we thought that this section which will outline the best of everything in Thailand would be a good investment in time and resources.

The suggestions are of course subjective.

We all have our different ideas as to what is best or not, but we have taken account of comments, and spoken to the experts in the different subjects to try and make this list of Best Thailand as helpful as possible.

Best Places in Thailand

Find out the best places in Thailand for everything on this page (e.g. best places for nightlife).

Best Beaches in Thailand

We have yet to write up this section as we work our way around the beaches - starting from the East Coast. However, several visits have persuaded us or confirmed our feelings that the best of the mainland beaches are down South.

The Andaman Coast and Lower Sothern Gulf areas being spectacular, with all the trappings that make a holiday more enjoyable.

Best Hotels in Thailand

Phuket is renowned for its luxurious hotels. But there are superb hotels in all the major Tourism centres - Bangkok; Pattaya; Phuket; Chiang Mai.

Best Islands in Thailand

Much depends on what you want from your Island life or holiday. For us, there is little point in traveling to an island, if it is a crowded and commercial as the near mainland! Islands are popular in Thailand, with most being oversubscribed in the high holiday season.

The South of the country has the most spectacular islands, and the Andaman and Gulf coasts having the best.

Many of the islands are still to be 'discovered' by tourists. Subsequently, they tend to be lacking in 'tourist' facilities. These normally follow the popularity of places rather than 'lead'.

Best Golf Courses in Thailand

Wherever you stay in Thailand, there will be superb golf courses nearby. Golf courses and golf tours in Thailand are a major draw to the serious golfer and holiday golfer. Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Hua Hin are the places with the highest visitor graded golf courses.

Best Scuba Diving in Thailand

Whilst there is good diving to be had on the East Coast of Thailand, the clearer waters and wealth of marine life are in variable found to the south of the country - Andaman Coast and the gulf Coast both having world class diving spots.

Best Mountains in Thailand

We give you Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai - on the basis that biggest is best!

It is after all the highest mountain in Thailand, but the mountains of the North and North east are varied, with many spectacular areas of beauty. Accommodation up North and the North east, tends to be more basic than the hotspots further south, but the mountain scenery makes up for it.

Best Month to Visit Thailand

The tourism 'high' season starts in October, as the weather cools a little after the hot summer, then increases in popularity through to end of January. Torrential monsoon rain is rarely a problem during those months, but as with climatic conditions worldwide, there are exceptions with the weather in Thailand.

Mid Thailand down to the South are pleasant during these months, but the North and North east can be very cold - by Thai standards.

As with life in general, the bad things will often seek you out; but in Thailand the good things will also be very evident.

We are not yet sure, whether or not the often used phrase 'Mai Pen Rai' (Khrup/Ka) is one of the good or bad things about Thailand.

The basic translation means 'never mind - It's OK - No Problem!'

But in Thailand it is not only a phrase - It is a way of life.

Be well aware of that before you visit Thailand, because many things in the west that might cause a problem, may not be a problem in Thailand.

Note: Most things are accepted for what they are, so don't blow your top over things which - basically when you think about it - "Mai pen rai!" It has a wonderful calming experience.

List of Good and Bad in Thailand

Best Things About Thailand Worst Things About Thailand
Bangkok Taxis - Brilliant but scary! These guys work for a pittance, yet keep so cool. Bangkok Pavements and Footpaths. OK for motorbikes but not for walkers. Watch out for the pot holes and other uneven surfaces.
BTS Sky Train - The UK needs to sit up and take notice! Bangkok Traffic - just a choked-up mess.
Traditional Thai massage is so relaxing - afterwards! Thai Massage - ouch!
MRT Underground in Bangkok. Never had to wait more than 8 minutes for an air-conditioned run to all the major places in Bangkok.
The diversity of Bangkok Shopping Malls - Whaw! The Best. Bangkok Beggars! Touts! - All of them everywhere. The worst.
His Majesty The King. He was once the world's longest reigning monarch. Loved by the Thai people and respected throughout the world.
Falangs! - Some are the best. Falangs! Some are the worst!
The younger generation! The future of Thailand seems to be in capable hard-working, fun-loving hands. Politics! A small vociferous minority may yet tear the country apart. A deeply divisive subject in Thailand and best avoided by visitors.
The Songkram Festival Last day in Pattaya has to be one of the best days in Thailand. This is Thailand at its best. Beautiful people, family atmosphere and genuine wishes of happiness and health for the future. Falangs would do well to try and savour the atmosphere, not create their own! The Falangs who try to hijack the Songkran festival in Thailand. They should try to be part of it. The water throwing is fine - if you accept the meaning behind it. Many just throw as much water as possible, without any thought for the greater experience.
The Thai people who still uphold the natural dignity, respect for family and those who deserve respect. They are mainly to be found in the 'country' areas now as the prosperous areas become more westernized by the day! Corruption - Rife throughout Thailand. It is seen as a way of life for many!
Drivers in Pattaya. It would be safer to ban the use of indicators. At least that way, you have a 50/50 chance of knowing which way the driver is going to turn!

Note: Did you have a good or bad experience in Thailand? You can contact us with your comments. Our list is about the best or worst things in Thailand. It is not a comparison of the best places in Thailand - or the worst places.

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