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Health and Well-Being in Thailand

Thailand has no more than its fair share of health problems. The usual health scares do not respect country borders in Asia.

Health, fitness and beauty are sometimes intrinsically linked, with cosmetic 'cures' given more credence than preventative health.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy in Thailand

In dentistry in particular, there is a huge market in providing the 'perfect smile'.

Curiously, less emphasis seems to be placed upon preventative dentistry.

For the traveller to Thailand, the best travel health insurance is important if you need hospital and medical assistance.

Accidents do happen, and as you will have to pay for any treatment, it is far better to let the insurance company pay the bill.

Thailand boasts some of the most modern hospitals in the world. In terms of expense, are much cheaper than most western countries.

But, if you have been used to free medical treatment, such as with the UK health service, then having to foot the bill for any treatment will come as a nasty surprise.

Fitness in Thailand

There is a healthy attitude towards fitness in Thailand, with many organised and casual activities available. Most of the public parks and gardens have fitness centres of one kind or another.

The sight of many people doing a musical workout in parks - or even supermarket car parks is not uncommon. Join in - it's fun!

Thai lady working out with weights for fitnessThere are often gym areas set aside, with all the weights you want to lift - if you are that way inclined - or a range of timber bars and obstacles provided.

Jogging in Thailand seems to be a leisurely affair, and on one occasion, I actually walked past a jogger.

It makes you realise that perhaps physical exertion is not the only thing to aim for. Most joggers have an untroubled look on their faces as they wander by. Few show any signs of discomfort.

Sporting facilities are well provided and situated for public use, and these can include anything from badminton courts to a superb golf courses - of which there are many in Thailand.

There are doctor's surgeries (shops) where everything from treating a cold to enlarging your breasts seems to be commonplace. Again, these are not free of charge, but you rarely have to wait for more than a few minutes before being seen.

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