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Medical Help for Tourists Staying in Thailand

If you travel to any country it is essential you have full travel and sickness insurance. It will help to cover any unfortunate event whilst you are there – or travelling to and from that country.

Thailand is no exception. It is a good idea to know in advance, what the emergency facilities are, and how you can access them in case you need to.

Information about Hospitals in Thailand

Prepare for your trip in advance by having this knowledge to hand.

Before you agree to buy travel insurance, make sure that the insurance is readily available for when you are in Thailand.

Most of the larger travel companies will have all areas covered in relation to dealing with the hospital or health concern that you may have.

For tourist needing treatment, the hospital will need to have ready access to your insurance details and will not treat you until they are in possession of that information.

The standard and qualities vary considerable, with the two basic options of either private or government run hospitals.

Generally the private hospitals are modern, comfortable, with a full range of facilities, and – very important – no need to be at the back of a long queue.

This is not always so with the smaller or government run hospitals.

Most government hospitals will also have facilities for dealing with 'insurance' cases, and you will normally be treated with a degree of favour – providing the Thailand travel insurance is acceptable – or you are prepared to pay and then re-claim.

Expats Medical Treatment

If you are a foreign national legally working in Thailand with a valid work permit, then you can apply for a Thai National Plan card, and receive the same treatment as Thais.

Hospital Pharmacy in ThailandDay to Day Medication Needs

Most medications are available on an 'over-the-counter' basis in Thailand, and are sold at the many Pharmacies that are abundant even in small villages.

Prescription drugs – that require a doctor’s prescription – will need to be sold at a Pharmacy that has a qualified pharmacist.

Many drugs that require prescription in the west, are easier to obtain in Thailand, including a wide range of antibiotics.

Be aware that English is not generally spoken outside the main tourist areas. Most pharmacies will get by with sign language or descriptive pointing to the ailment for minor treatments!

Emergency Help Information

The call center for any health emergency or accident in Thailand is 1669

You will need to provide all the information such as your problem, and your location. There will almost certainly be a Thai answering your first call. It is ALWAYS best - and quicker - if a Thai can make the call for you and handle any questions that may be asked.

They may also be given instructions as to what can be done by way of first treatment until medical help arrives.

Doctors and Medical Facilities

The FCDO offers a list of service providers to assist British nationals who need support while overseas. But, they do not endorse or recommend any of the providers (nor accept any liability for cases of loss or damage).

BNH Hospital (Bangkok Nursing Home)

9/1, Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok 10500
Tel: 02-022-0700
Email: bnhinfo@bnh.co.th

Kluaynamthai Hospital

80 Soi Sangchanrubia Rama 4 Road Prakanong Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02-769-2000
Email: worrawut@knthealth.com

MedConsult International Clinic

Floor 3, Building 2, The Racquet Club, Sukhumvit 49/9, Bangkok, 10110
Tel: 02-018-7855
Email: info@medconsultasia.com

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

133 Sukhumvit 49, Klongtan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02-022-2222
Email: svnhcontact@samitivej.co.th

Sikarin Hospital

976 Lasalle Road, Bangna Tai, Bangna, Bangkok 10260
Tel: 086-618-1770
Email: zawminoo@sikarin.com

Note: Another section contains a comprehensive list of private and public hospitals in Bangkok with contact details.

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