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Songkran Festival Thailand April 2024

The Songkran Festival sees in the Thai New Year, starting on the 13th of April each year and carrying on for several consecutive days throughout some provinces in Thailand.

Songkran is a big celebration and Festival because basically it is Thai New Year's day. Forget the fact that it is in the middle of April, it is held then because of the old Thai calendar.

You Will Definitely Get Wet at Songkran

It is also known as the 'water festival'. You have been warned! If you live in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, you either stay indoors, or run the gauntlet of varied water sources - ranging from water pistols to pump-action water splatters or even buckets.

Don't be surprised to see hose pipes attached to fire hydrants!

It is hot in April - so the water might well be welcome! Songkran Festival - the Thai New Year The Thai New Year on April 13 and carries on through 14th and 15th - regardless of the day of the week.

The dates are the most important part. This year as luck has it, it starts on a Monday, so there is likelihood that the Songkran festive events could start a little earlier - taking in the weekend before.

For some, not at work, it will be difficult not to start the festival early. This is Thailand and we just love Festivals. Thailand is blessed with 3 New Year's celebrations! January 1st, which is celebrated out of respect for the western world celebrations.

The Chinese New Year - also in January, then a couple of months recuperation, and on to the 'proper' New year, being the Songkran Festival.

Daubing of White Chalk Paste at Thai Songkran FestivalThe picture shows people celebrating Songkran Festival in the streets of Bangkok. Songkran is the Thai New Year and for three days in April - the hottest month - people will throw water at each other and put talcum powder mixed with water on each other's faces.

Songkran is actually the start of the Lunar New Year, with all sorts of significances drawn from the fact that the sun's position in the Zodiac, changes.

A loose meaning of Songkran being - moving place or position.

It is no coincidence then that many Thai people will return back to their home villages - so much so that in places like Bangkok, there will be an easing of congestion and jams!

As well as the excuse for water fights, there are more subtle uses of water during the Songkran Festival.

This involves the respectful bathing of monks or sprinkling of water on the hands of monks. Buddha images are respectfully bathed, and respect is generally shown to elders.

The 13th of April - Maha Songkran Day - is officially the end of the old year. The 14th of April is called Wan Nao and the 15th April - Wan Thaloeng Sok.

This day ushers in the Thai New Year proper. There are religious aspects also to the Songkran Festival, with many religious ceremonies being held.

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