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Illuminated Boat Festival Bangkok

The Illuminated Boat Procession and Festival on Chao Phraya River near King Rama IX Bridge is a spectacle that lives up to everything that Thailand throws at tourists and tourism.

Illuminated boats form a spectacular procession for part of the overall period of festival and certainly set the scene for 'water and light' being an integral part of the festival throughout Thailand.

Celebrating the Boat Festival in Bangkok

Bangkok has plenty of water in the shape of the mighty Chao Phraya River.

The river which has played such an important part in the city's history is still alive and an important role for life in the capital.

The picture shows a procession of Illuminated Boats heading towards King Rama IX Bridge.

The whole area at Santi Chaiphrakan Park beside the river becomes awash with spectacles other than the Illuminated Boats Procession.

Tourists will see various Thai Cultural dances and performers and there were the usual food stalls and incidentals.

There are many side shows and folk dancing shows to compliment the main event of Illuminated Boat Festival.

The event usually includes several folk dance shows of traditional Thai dancing, watched by an enthusiastic audience.

Carving a Water Melon at Thai FestivalYou can see a display of fruit carving as practiced in Thailand.

The melon in the picture on the left being carved into intricate patterns with great skill - and by a beautiful Thai girl.

All manner of Thai traditions are regularly seen at this type of show, and this Illuminated Boat Festival at Bangkok was no exception.

Some of the food served at stalls on this festival are specially bought in from other provinces and not often seen in Bangkok.

The same goes for some of the drinks being served - which included a stall selling special Thai Cola! (And it was great. I could not tell the difference.

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