Hardeep Wreck

Suddadhib: Hardeep Shipwreck Pattaya

Originally, an Indonesian-registered freighter, the Hardeep sank in 1943.

More than sixty years of growth has seen the soft coral formations and tube sponge gardens firmly establish themselves, and the wreck provides a safe home for older and larger fish families.

The fish life on the Hardeep Wreck includes Barracudas, Angelfish, Jacks, Trevallies, Batfish and Butterfly fish.

Laying on its starboard side in 27 meters of depth, the wreck is only 42 meters in length and contains some very large openings to allow divers a view of the engine room and crankshaft.

Hardeep Wreck Diving Facts

Suddadhib - Hardeep Shipwreck PattayaBest Dive Months: November to April

Average Depth: 15 meters

Maximum Depth: 25 meters

Visibility: 8 - 15 meters

Currents: Moderate to Strong

Hazards: Ripping underwater currents

Marine Life: Barracuda, Stingrays, Octopus, Morays, Angelfish, Puffer Fish.

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