Rescue Diver

PADI Junior Rescue Diver Course

When you become a junior rescue diver, the course builds on what you have already learned, expanding your knowledge and skills, how to prevent problems and problem management.

Many divers describe the PADI Junior Rescue Course as 'challenging' yet extremely 'rewarding', because the demands of the accident response training lessons are what makes this invaluable experience the most 'serious' Fun Diving, you will ever have.

Junior Rescue Diver in Pattaya

Rescue skills for juniors are just as important, if not more so, as they are for adults. The youth rating for kids starts from twelve to fourteen years, which encourages them to continue their scuba education.

There are huge benefits in learning additional techniques in accident management and knowing how to help others in need. You also learn about self-rescue and buddy recovery techniques so that problem prevention and anticipation becomes standard for children involved in the sport.

PADI Junior Rescue Diver Course Cost - 14,950 THB

✔ Direct and personalised supervision from your private scuba instructor

✔ Free rental of modern dive equipment and instruction how to use the gear

✔ Five classroom sessions of scuba knowledge reviews

✔ Confined water self-survival and emergency response training sessions

✔ Accidental and injury scenario dives in the open water environment

✔ Pattaya hotel transfers, hot buffet food, soft drinks, and afternoon snacks on the boat

✔ The PADI Junior Rescue Diver Certification Card, student training manual, and emergency management slate

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PADI Junior Rescue Diver Course in Pattaya, ThailandKids who are certified junior advanced may enter straight into the PADI Junior Rescue Diver Course.

From the age of 12 with minimum of nine logged dives, kids are encouraged to join this course as soon as they are mature enough.

Although the junior rescue course is as physically and mentally demanding as the adult course, the same standards apply and having accomplished the well-earned certification, you will have learned much about both the physiology and psychology of scuba.

PADI Junior Rescue Diver Course Objectives

It might appear strange that we mention 'self-rescue' techniques; however some of the most basic scuba checks are often omitted by overzealous learners. Dealing with a muscle cramp underwater is a common problem for those who are physically unfit and unprepared. Even though there is a simple technique to relieve a cramp, it is one that is often overlooked during the basic training.

Another self-rescue skill is dealing with vertigo. Without a visible reference to concentrate on underwater, you may suffer a sense of dizziness and a loss of orientation.

The PADI Junior Rescue Diver Certification also aims at teaching children the foundation of safe diving practices beyond themselves and knowing how to cope with someone who is tired, panicked, and the worst case scenario - an unconscious victim.

An extra bonus for young kids who are ready to complete the course is that it is now available as one of PADI's eLearning scuba courses, which means that the knowledge development sections can be completed online with complete convenience and flexibility.

The water skills can then be finished when the child next visits their local or favorite scuba center.

It is a tough and challenging course, but with all the benefits of critical response training in accident management and medical emergencies, this has to be one of scuba's most memorable courses that will change the way that even kids think about - how to dive safely.

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