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How to Become a PADI Professional?

Are you ready to "GO PRO"? PADI® Scuba Courses for dive leaders begin at Divemaster level. This represents the first entry point for a career in diving as a professional educator.

Working closely alongside an instructor, all PADI professional level courses will expand your knowledge and skills to make you a better diver and a respected teacher.

The 'Private Scuba' Roadmap for Going Pro!

Some of the common reasons why people choose to become PADI® Pros (e.g. Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, OWSI) include:

Your route to professional teaching status is filled with apprehension - and timely rewards. You'll need to sharpen your scuba diving skills and enhance your diving knowledge before you can emerge as a pro dive leader.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) helps bind together a large community of divers. What's more, we all share the same unnerving passion for great diving adventures and for reinforcing the need for ocean conservation - worldwide.

A life-changing moment:

Lives - and lifestyles - change when individuals start earning a living at the PADI professional level. Pro leadership training helps to develop your abilities to communicate, teach, and evaluate student divers.

You will be qualified to supervise different kinds of dive activities (e.g. the Discover Scuba Diving program). You'll also be able to assist higher level scuba educators with their students during the lessons they deliver.

Important: It is at this pro diver level of training you want to choose your trainer based on their professionalism, merit, and previous experience as a 'trainer of trainers'.

PADI Divemaster Course [DM]

Do you have aspirations of becoming a scuba educator? If so, a dive master certification is a prerequisite for both the assistant and instructor certifications.

How to Complete the PADI Divemaster Course in Pattaya, Thailand.Newly-certified Open Water Scuba Instructors (OWSI) can train divers up to PADI Divemaster level.

But, choosing the team at Private Scuba means you can be trained and overseen by 'Scuba Steve' our PADI® Master Instructor.

Hands-on tuition is invaluable when training to become a PADI Divemaster - especially if you want to work as a dive guide.

Tip: Signing up for Scuba Diving Internships is a good way to get maximum experience when going from non-diver to Divemaster or PADI Instructor.

PADI Assistant Instructor Course [AI]

As an Assistant Instructor you gain extra experience as a professional dive trainer while learning the PADI system of education. The AI course completes the first segment of the IDC.

Information about the PADI Assistant Instructor Level Course in Pattaya, Thailand.This is an ideal way of getting experience as an instructional assistant - closer to the peak.

You will also earn limited teaching responsibilities for certain scuba certification courses as you progress.

In-water skills sessions, stamina tests, and training exercises, will stretch your ability to organise and solve problems.

It results in limited teaching responsibilities combined with the role of being qualified to assist scuba instructors.

Another section has more information about the PADI® Assistant Instructor Certification with advice about the employment opportunities you would get to teach scuba diving activities.

Emergency First Response Instructor [EFRI]

Being able to perform CPR and First Aid could save a life! What better reason is there to be an Emergency First Response Instructor and certify layperson rescuers?

How to Earn the Emergency First Response Instructor Certification in Pattaya, ThailandThe course builds on your skill level as emergency responder and focuses on developing your instructional abilities to teach these skills to others.

Generally this course takes two days of training to complete and we can supply you with all the materials and equipment to kick-start your new career.

Open Water Scuba Instructor [OWSI]

Become a PADI Pro in Pattaya, ThailandAre you searching for special scuba career opportunities that many can only dream about?

Are you a certified divemaster looking to share your passion for scuba diving at the next level?

If so, it seems like you are gearing yourself up for the PADI® Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC).

Note: If you are dreaming of a career in diving please contact us for prices about other leadership courses and instructor development opportunities.

Help Guides for Professional Level Trainers

The short video [3:19 seconds] presented by PADI outlines what to expect if you decide to become a PADI Divemaster or PADI Scuba Instructor. Click here to contact Scuba Steve in Thailand for a personal reply.

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