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How to Become a PADI DSD Leader?

PADI® Divemasters who complete the assessment for DSD Leader can conduct the Discover Scuba Diving program for non-divers in a pool or confined open water.

This section explains PADI DSD internship training process and how to upgrade Divemaster status to be a Discover Scuba Diving Leader in Pattaya, Thailand.

What is a Discover Scuba Diving Leader?

If you are thinking about becoming a PADI Divemaster you'll be looking forward to working with others in the industry.

Throughout your training, an instructor works with you to help develop your teaching skills - especially for entry level divers.

A PADI DSD Leader can introduce people with no diving experience into scuba 'independently' (e.g. without an instructor).

They will be qualified to teach non-divers how to take their first breaths from a regulator in shallow water.

But, before you take beginners into a swimming pool (or confined open water environment), you will need to complete the Discover Scuba Diving Leader internship training course.

Here's how it works:

Candidates need to conduct four (4) separate sessions of the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program (DSD). You can only use actual student divers (e.g. not simulated events) and you need to conduct each session under the 'direct' supervision of a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).

During the DSD Leader PADI Divemaster internship training course, you will need to show (all):

After certification, the maximum ratio for students is 4:1 in a swimming pool and 2:1 in confined water. You must make it clear that DSD participants will NOT be qualified to make an open water dive unless they get further skills training from a PADI Instructor.

What happens when your Discover Scuba Diving participants have already completed a successful dive with an instructor?

In this case, a divemaster can lead the participants on additional guided dives within a period of fourteen (14) days.

Even so, these divers must be under 'indirect' supervision of an instructor and the ratio must not exceed 2:1.

Important: The Discover Scuba age limit is ten (10) years old and there is no upper age limit for people to take part in this underwater experience. Children of younger age (e.g. 8 or 9 years old) can try other scuba programs for kids with further age limits and maximum depth restrictions.

What Exactly is PADI DSD Meaning in Diving?

You can try scuba without having to enrol for a certification course. The Discover Scuba Diving program makes it possible for learners to experience the basic principles.

In most cases, it is an activity that only takes a few hours to complete. Thus, the DSD is ideal for people with a short timeframe.

DSD Leader Internship Application

So, where can instructors find the performance requirements to conduct the leadership rating? You will find them in the section titled 'Professional Ratings' in the Professional Membership Guide of the Instructor Manual.

PADI Divemaster DSD Leader in Pattaya, ThailandRemember you can also use the Discover Scuba Diving Internship Completion Form (#10151).

This extra application form is available on the PADI Pros website.

What happens after you complete your training as a DSD intern? The certifying instructor will sign the application form and send it to the local PADI Office to be processed and authorised.

The current price (2024) for the Divemaster Application Fee is $AUS 220 and there will be an extra charge for the internship. Successful completion means you will be able to pursue extra work as an assistant or a dive leader in the industry.

Benefits of DSD Leadership Qualification

You will find the PADI DSD Leader rating useful to have if you are planning to find work as a Divemaster, such as at dive resorts or on liveaboards.

It can provide a welcome boost to your income while working as a dive Pro. It could also create the foundation for anyone progressing to the next level of scuba professionals (e.g. PADI Assistant Instructor).

Note: DSD Leaders must be in active teaching status with dive insurance (where required). This information is a guide for PADI Divemasters in training and does not replace the actual DSD Leader Certification.

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Note: Check the Free Introduction to PADI Divemaster course or contact a PADI® Instructor Development Center (IDC) for further information about becoming a PADI Professional. Click here to contact Scuba Steve in Thailand for a personal reply.

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