DSD Leader

Divemaster DSD Leadership in Pattaya

PADI Divemaster DSD Leaders may conduct the Discover Scuba Diving program in a swimming pool or in a confined open water environment.

The DSD Leader must be in active teaching status with dive insurance where it is required.

To become a PADI Divemaster DSD Leader you must successfully complete additional internship training with a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).

DSD internship consists of four separate PADI Discover Scuba Diving programs conducted in a swimming pool or confined open water environment while under the direct supervision of an instructor.

DSD Leader Internship Cost and Application

PADI Divemaster DSD Leader in Pattaya, ThailandAfter completing the internship the certifying instructor signs your application form and sends it to the local PADI Office for processing and authorization.

The current price for the Divemaster Internship is $95 AUD. Successful completion enables you to pursue further jobs as an assistant or dive leader within the diving industry and teach Discover Scuba Diving Programs.

Note: This information is a guide for PADI Divemasters and does not replace the correct DSD Leader Certification.

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