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Private Scuba Instructor Team

Why do so many divers choose Private Scuba in Thailand? One reason is our friendly mentor approach and the way we provide flexible, customized diving and snorkeling activities.

Our PADI professionals have well over 20 years of experience with an unrivaled commitment towards diving safety and fun!

PADI Master Instructor available - Thailand

Despite maturing ever so 'slightly' in my years, my passion for scuba diving and teaching remains strong.

Achieving the highest standards for all customers remains my mission within the industry.

The primary objective is to provide safe scuba training and fun diving excursions for students and dive buddies.

With over twenty years of scuba diving experience and more than five thousand logged dives, 'Scuba Steve' is the leader of the team.

Having dived in Thailand since 2002, I consider myself knowledgeable of Thai culture, and in particular, the quality of diving in Thailand.

For many years, I've had the pleasure of diving in Phuket and the Racha islands, Koh Phi Phi, on Liveaboards in the Similan and Surin Islands, and most recently around the Pattaya coral islands in the northern Gulf of Siam.

Are you planning on traveling to Thailand for a diving holiday? If so, there are several ways you can contact us and get further advice and information from local experts.

Customer Testimonials and Feedback

There are many dive companies and diving boats in Thailand. Some of the divers who used the Private Scuba team were kind enough to provide some positive feedback and testimonials.

Rob from Leipzig, Germany

Emanating from an IT computer background, I became a diving instructor many years ago. The joy and satisfaction I get from teaching scuba is what keeps me involved in this amazing sport.

Photo of Rob scuba diving in Australia.I first started my teaching career in Australia, followed by a spell of cold water diving in the freshwater lakes of Germany.

After moving to the Mediterranean islands for the summer, I returned to Asia for the warm, blue waters of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

Thailand diving is special to me. I particularly like wreck diving - and Pattaya has some of the best wreck dives in the world.

US Navy ships at 30 metres down are teeming with fish life. The team at Private Scuba took me diving around a huge battery of barracudas, diver-friendly batfish, and yellow-tailed fusiliers.

So, if you're considering a diving holiday in Pattaya, it would be my pleasure to show you the diverse diving that we have, from coral reefs to World War II Shipwrecks.

Happy Scuba Holidays in Thailand!

Mark from Bedfordshire, England

Life in the UK as a customer services General Manager was treating me quite well a few years ago. But, I knew it could get better!

photo of team member MarkI came to Thailand looking for a career change, and I found that change, in the business of scuba diving as an educator.

After meeting 'Scuba Steve', I completed my Divemaster training in Pattaya. The team also helped me to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) the following year.

They helped me further advance my career by teaching me the Emergency First Response Instructor course.

I've worked as an instructor and travelled around Thailand. The highlight was diving some favoured dive spots like Koh Samui, Pattaya, and Koh Chang.

Pattaya is home to me now, and I enjoy living and diving in these warm clear waters, with a variety of flora and fauna that would grace any diver's log book.

If you're searching for a great place to try a scuba course in Pattaya, join us here and let us make it easy for you!

Pierre from Paris, France

I have always been attracted to the sea and the underwater world. I enjoyed sailing and snorkelling since I was a kid.

My first discovery of scuba diving took place in Asia when I traveled with some friends to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia. That is where I passed the Open Water course.

Pierre Scuba Diving in PattayaAfter this great experience, I took the opportunity to dive during several overseas trips to Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, and Mexico.

I decided to use a work opportunity to take a step further in my diving development in Thailand, by obtaining the PADI Divemaster certification with Steve at Private Scuba.

I already gained a lot of experience from him and all the different diving supervisions and training assistants, I was able to undertake as part of my dive master training.

Now fully certified, I welcome you to the great team at Private Scuba. I am not "little Cousteau" yet, but we would definitely have fun diving together.

Welcome to Private Scuba Diving in Pattaya, Thailand!

Gabriella from Sweden

As a PADI Master Instructor, Steve gave me such confidence. My concern before the diving was - safety. I wanted to feel comfortable with all the safety aspects of scuba.

Gabriella Wrecked DiverSteve showed such a high professional attitude and focused on every detail throughout the teaching.

He built up an enormous amount of trust, and combined with his great and kind personality, he made the whole diving experience absolutely outstanding.

Besides, I want to congratulate Steve for his great choice of diving team, boat, and staff. The whole organisation and the logistics around the diving made the trip very enjoyable.

I had the privilege of Steve being by my side, both in and out of water, during my first diving week. He made it all into one of the most memorable, exciting and fun things I have done… and I will never stop diving.

Thank you very much Steve!

Borkur from Iceland

Diving with Steve and the team was a real delight. When I arrived in Thailand from Europe, there was little else on my mind other than to try scuba in Pattaya.

Borkur Wreck Specialty DiverHaving already done some research online, I knew there were some great shipwrecks to be seen near to the Pattaya Islands.

But, first I needed to become familiar with the basic safety of scuba diving.

From my first dive to completing the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Steve made the experience both safe, thorough, and a lot of fun.

The personal attention turned my first diving experience into a passion that I will always carry with me.

Thanks a million, Steve!

Fadi from Dubai

I completed my PADI Open Water Scuba Course with Private Scuba in Pattaya. On another opportunity, I did some fun diving trips - guided underwater by 'Scuba Steve'.

Fadi Shipwreck DiverI was particularly looking forward to diving shipwrecks in Pattaya. Furthermore, I made the wreck dives part of my advanced course.

Steve got me three wreck dives during my certification, including the HTMS Khram wreck and the HTMS Kood.

The other course dives included some Deep Diving, an underwater navigation dive, and the Peak Performance Buoyancy adventure dive. I had a lot of fun and the whole package was efficient, professional and relatively inexpensive.

The Private Scuba team certainly knows how to offer great scuba diving in Thailand. The PADI scuba courses that they offer are full of adventure and excitement.

Thanks Steve... next time I would like to make the Wreck Specialty Course.

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