Scuba Careers

Scuba Diving Careers

A career in scuba diving is one that has many different choices and directions available for the individual.

Some professionals prefer to affiliate themselves on a permanent employment basis with an established dive center, whereas others often choose to become freelance instructors and therefore not necessarily associated with any specific dive school.

A Scuba Career - Earning a Living in a Great Environment

Each option has its merits, but the ultimate choice should probably be based upon the expected earning potential and future ambitions for higher level training.

In order to progress to further qualifications, there are certain requirements that can be difficult to achieve unless you are working at a busy dive school that conducts the full range of courses.

Somewhat surprisingly, there are many dive leaders and dive pro's who are perfectly satisfied to teach, guide and lead, without a need to pursue the summit of professional tutoring.

Career Choice for Top Scuba Jobs

The Insurance Aspects of Scuba

Wherever you choose to embark on your new career, one of the reasons that most people become scuba trainers is to travel and work in the best diving destinations around the world.

A job that allows you to work in a variety of countries and continents appeals to the adventurous traveler with a passion for experiencing new cultures and diverse environments.

Exchanging a typical mundane 9 to 5 office job for one which offers a chance to journey the globe and earn an income from an exciting and rewarding career is one that encourages hundreds of ‘wannabe’ instructor to complete the challenge.

The tutor's role and responsibilities should not be taken lightly. Even though there are many teenage professionals teaching courses regularly, the beliefs, attitudes and role model behavior of the 'scuba guru' has ethical implications with standards to adhere to, according to whichever training association that you represent.

The compliance with legal and safety regulations is paramount for the future success of our 'self regulated dive industry' and should be adhered to fully throughout your chosen career. Make it a career - and not simply earn a living from scuba!

The sport is not without its risks and dangers - as a recreation or career - and although serious accidents do happen, the figures for fatalities are comparatively low in relation to other so called 'extreme sports'.

Whilst insurance is not required in some countries, the smart instructor will not compromise his own professional liability or the safety of his students for the sake of insurance cover. If he did so, the dream career would end rather abruptly. Basic professional insurance is relatively inexpensive and could be the difference between personal ruin and survival if ever the worst case scenario happened.

Considered a soft sport by many, but as a wise ex Royal Navy Diver once advised me – Diving is a safe sport until the day you forget how dangerous it can be!

PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors – certify thousands of new instructors each year and they have a superb facility that allows them to seek career employment at dive centers and resorts in almost two hundred different countries.

With a comprehensive web-based database of PADI Scuba Schools and individual trainers, employment seekers and employers can access current vacancies and career openings through the online job market.

Searching for a new employer or advertising an opening in the store is a simple process by logging in to the Pros Section of the PADI website and entering your staff requirements.

Divers jobs can be seasonal in some areas and this affects the number of career opportunities at certain times of the year.

A little forward planning could easily result in employment around the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, followed by a spell in the best dive spots of Thailand, a Mediterranean summer in the Red Sea Egypt, concluding with a few months diving with sharks in the Bahamas or Caribbean.

What a superb year for a scuba instructor that would be. Your career choice would be the envy of your friends for sure!

The image of a young, athletic, suntanned instructor is one that is constantly marketed by the major diving agencies. Although it is an attractive career package that gets advertised, the time and financial investment to reach this position is often overlooked.

Having made this career choice myself (many years ago) I can honestly say that my life has changed considerably since I became a trainer. I have dived in five different continents and met thousands of bubble-blowing addicts that share a genuine belief that divers help to protect the aquatic environment and appreciate an underwater world that is full of natural wonders.

The career of a lifetime - come and join me!

If you are a bit more ambitious, you could try starting your own dive business for which you would need adequate insurance and of course would have taken a career choice after one of the scuba internships on offer globally.

Article Submitted 2013 by Scuba Steve

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