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Gadgets and Gizmos for Divers

Diving accessories - gadgets and gizmos - add to the enjoyment of the dive, but not necessarily the safety. The standard scuba equipment set includes all of the vital parts required for a safe return.

Accessorizing the normal gear with some essential extras might increase the active participation in the sport.

We have compiled a list of trendy, must-have dive accessories that enhance a diver’s involvement during the dives.

It is a good idea to personalize your gear by marking your equipment for easy identification.

Special diving equipment markers are ideal for this purpose. Mark your gear with marking paint, crayons, or colored tape. Now that you have matching scuba gear and extra gadgets, you want to identify your set from other diver’s equipment.

We recommend marking your scuba diving accessories where it is not visible when you are using it. For example, you could write your initials on the inside pocket of your diving fins.

Marking your scuba equipment and accessories prevents frustration and confusion when you are around other divers using similar gear. This happens quite regularly on Thailand liveaboards and busy dive boats.

Scuba Diving Accessories List

> CPR Barriers and Resuscitator Pocket Mask

> Underwater Torches

> DIN Adapter and Conversion Kit

> Dive Knives and Tools

> Dry Bags

> First Aid Supplies

> Flags and Floats

> Floating Line Holder

> Navigation Tools

> Underwater Scooter DPV

> Safety Balloon and Surface Marker Buoy

> Rash Guard

> Simulation Manikin for Practicing CPR

List of Scuba Accessories, Gadgets, and Gizmos> Tank Boots and Mesh Covers

> Whistle, Rattler and Tank Banger

> Wreck Reel and Finger Reel

> Log Books and Underwater Writing Slates

> Snorkel Vest

> Lift Bags

> Mask Strap and Snorkel Holder

> Regulator Coil and Quick Release Necklace

> Octopus Retainer, Hose Protector and Mouthpiece Holder

> Retractors, Reef Hooks, Lanyards, Clips and Reels, Buckles and Equipment Connectors

AF3 Anti-Fogger Gel

What do the anti-fog products do? Simply put, they help to prevent fog-like condensation (small droplets of water) appearing on glass surfaces (e.g. scuba masks).

A good application of anti-fog gel defogger should last a long time. So, you shouldn't need to reapply it for multiple dives made on the same day.

AF4 Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner from IST SportsKey Features

  • 1-ounce (30 mL) bottle
  • Long-lasting, non-toxic, alcohol-free gel formula
  • Biodegradable

AF4 Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner

Key Features

  • Two-in-one formula has both an anti-fogger and lens cleaner
  • 1-ounce (30 mL) bottle
  • Long-lasting, nontoxic, alcohol-free formula

Fun Fact: NASA first developed anti-fog treatments during Project Gemini in 1965. No wonder the diving industry adopted a simple innovation that keeps dive masks free from fogging.

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