Underwater Dive Torches

To provide illumination at night, you need a dive light.

It is your primary light source on a night dive, although during the day you may use a light to look into cracks and crevices.

Dive lights are also used for exploring the insides of wrecks, underwater caverns and caves (these types of diving require specialized training).

There are two basic styles of dive lights, with different options in rechargeable or disposable batteries, and the type of bulb that it uses.

Flashlights range from small, compact lights used during the day or as backups for night, wreck and cave diving, to large lantern-style lights that are primary light sources when diving in the dark.

Underwater Dive TorchesHowever canister lights are used primarily by wreck and cave divers.

Canister lights supply a compact light via wire with power from a battery in a canister carried on your waist.

Canister lights are usually much brighter (though this is changing as lighting technology advances make smaller lights more powerful), so this makes carrying their larger batteries more convenient.

Torch Tip - Two general rules for Torch batteries: Never mix fresh and partially used batteries, and never mix different types of batteries, even if the light accepts all the types. Always use the same type of batteries in a single fresh set.

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