Underwater Digital Camera Equipment

Underwater photographers have several options for camera equipment whether it's a compact digital point and shoot camera, a compact digital camera with full exposure controls, or an SLR (single lens reflex camera) and an underwater housing to keep them waterproof.

Housings are specific to the camera and are made of several things from inexpensive plastic to high-priced aluminum cases.

All underwater housings are outfitted with control knobs that access the camera inside, giving the photographer use of most of its normal functions.

These housings may also have connectors to attach external flash units. Some basic housings allow the use of the flash on the camera, but the on-board flash may not be sufficiently powerful and are improperly placed for underwater applications.

Underwater Digital Camera MaskMore advanced housings either redirect the on-board strobe to fire a slave strobe via a fiber optic cable, or physically prevent the use of the on-board strobe.

Housings are made waterproof through a system of silicone o-rings at all the crucial joints.

The use of a flash or strobe is often regarded as the most difficult aspect of underwater photography.

Some common misconceptions exist about the proper use of flash underwater, especially as it relates to wide-angle photography.

Generally, the flash should be used to supplement the overall exposure and restore lost color, not as the primary light source.

Camera Tips - Colours are 'absorbed' as divers descend underwater. First to disappear is Red, Orange and Yellow followed by Green and Blue.

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