Underwater Digital Videography Equipment

Underwater Videography is the branch of underwater photography that's concerned with capturing underwater moving images as recreational scuba diving, commercial documentaries, or movie making activities.

The primary difficulty in underwater camera usage is, of course, sealing the camera from water at high pressure, while maintaining the ability to operate it adequately at that depth.

Today, the small size of fully automatic camcorders with large view screens and long-life rechargeable batteries has reduced the housing size and made underwater videography an easy, fun activity for the diver.

Video Camera Tip - If you have a camera you like, locate a dedicated housing for it as soon as you can.

Most models are produced in limited runs and both the camera and housing may cease to be manufactured in just a few years.

If you're purchasing a new system, it is wise to check the availability and cost of a good housing before buying the camera.

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