Neoprene Diving Gloves

Wearing gloves will give your hands thermal protection from the cold, along with protection from other sharp objects.

Scuba gloves come in a variety of thickness and materials.

Warm water divers and snorkelers use thin cloth gloves to protect their hands from the environment, while colder water divers choose to wear thick neoprene to compensate for the cold.

Gloves also have various materials that cover the palm to enhance durability.

The most popular gloves also have Velcro closures on the wrist to allow easy entry, yet allowing the diver to close the wrist to minimize water movement.

You want to protect your hands on every dive. In warmer water, you may use lightweight non-insulating 'reef gloves'. In moderately cool water, wet suit gloves provide insulation and protection.

In the coldest water, you might choose thick wet suit mitts, or dry suit gloves. Gloves used with a dry suit tend to be more common in commercial diving than in recreational diving.

Although dive gloves provide protection, we are suggesting that you treat wearing them as a license to touch anything sensitive underwater.

Touching can damage or injure aquatic life that can still cut or sting through gloves. Use common sense and be careful to protect the underwater environment.

Scuba Diving Glove Types

Your hands don't have much natural insulation, which makes them susceptible to heat loss. In colder water, they may become numb and lose dexterity if you do not protect them.

You may find it difficult to operate your scuba equipment and perform other safety-related tasks. There are three main types of wet suit gloves.

Gloves Tip - Many Dive Centers in areas with delicate marine environments don't allow scuba divers to wear gloves without a valid reason.

The best way to avoid damaging delicate coral reefs is to have great buoyancy control, which also protects your equipment and makes the dive more enjoyable.

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