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Safety Retractor, Clips, and Reels

Some of the important safety items used by scuba divers are small, versatile, and inexpensive. But, many of them provide different ways for securing your gear.

This guide lists an assortment of scuba retractors, dive clips, reels, spools, and various other attachments used for enhancing safe diving practices.

Dive Clips Keep the Gear in its Proper Place

A range of clips and snap hooks help divers stay streamlined and keep the gear from dangling, such as:

Pro Tip: Another section explains what goes in a save a dive kit to help keep you geared up and dive ready - even if a gear malfunction strikes.

Scuba Diving Retractor

Most divers use some kind of equipment connector to secure valuable items, such as a gauge console, dive lights, and underwater cameras.

Scuba Diving Retractor and Safety Gear AttachmentIn other words, a diving retractor is one of the scuba diving accessory devices that helps to stop you losing your gear.

Other scuba diving retractors that keep accessories close to your body, include:

The SCUBAPRO premium retractor has an extractable cord that extends 1.1 metres (3.6 feet). It has a pull force of 0.5 kilograms (1 pound) and it's a must-have accessory if you enjoy technical diving.

Multifunctional Reels

Divers use a reel for navigating underwater, launching a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (dSMB), in cave and cavern diving, and for wreck penetration.

This kind of versatile accessory provides extra assurance that you'll make a safe return to the entry point. Some of the special features of scuba diving reels include:

Mares XR Finger Spool Review

The rubber coating on the edges makes this finger reel an ideal scuba dive kit accessory, especially for new divers who are looking for a comfortable grip.

Mares XR Finger Spool 15 metres (rubber coated)Mares XR Finger Spools are made with marine grade 316 stainless steel and the bright yellow line is fifteen (15) metres long.

Unique Features and Specifications

  • Rubber coated edges
  • Versatile use for a range of diving applications
  • Easier winding from the flared design
  • High quality and highly visible Edelrid™ Rap Line
  • Double-ended stainless steel clip

Note: The large diameter in the centre hole makes it easier to use, such as when wearing thick neoprene gloves (e.g. while diving in cold water).

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