Underwater Sea Scooter DPV

One of the major benefits of diving with a scooter (DPV) is you're not doing any work, so your air can last a lot longer, maybe even doubling your dive time.

Scooters are best used for covering large areas, and they are excellent for underwater inspection, search and recovery operations, and exploration.

DPVs give you the ability to navigate around the perimeter of a large object such as a ship wreck, dive sites from shore that were previously unreachable, or visit multiple sites during the same dive.

On average, their top speed ranges from two to three miles per hour, although ultimate speeds depend on the diver's size and streamlining.

Underwater Scooter Tip - Because you're doing less work, you'll want to manage your speed so the scooter doesn't run out of battery power before you run out of air.

Also, because you are inactive and water is constantly running over your body you should wear increased thermal protection to avoid getting cold sooner.

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