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Best Dry Bag for Diving and Snorkeling

Dry bags are a handy accessory for protecting personal belongings from getting wet, such as when scuba diving or snorkeling from a boat or the shore.

This guide lists an assortment of waterproof dry bags used by divers and snorkelers with specific reviews about the sizes and useful features.

Some Typical Uses for Waterproof Dry Bags

When scuba diving from a boat or snorkeling at the beach, most people like to keep their sensitive items clean and dry.

Hence, you can use a dry bag to protect:

Pro Tip: A watertight container is useful for protecting your scuba diving log book and binder, unless you're using a digital application.

Dry Bag Construction

A waterproof fabric, often coated with plastic film, creates an impermeable bag that's airtight and stays dry on the inside. The techniques used to make dry bags involve electronic seam welding, sewing with a seam-tape, and the glueing process.

There are several different styles and sizes of scuba diving dry bags, depending on your budget and requirements.

Here's the thing:

The standard sizes are 5 litre (e.g. for a simple snorkel set), 12, 20, and 30 litre (e.g. divers with scuba regulator, wetsuit, and swim fins.

No matter which size you choose, an effective diving dry bag should have welded seams, be made of heavy-duty PVC, have a roll down watertight closure, and contain at least one D-ring hook attachment.

Waterproof Dry Bag Reviews

Salt of the Sea Dry Bag 5 Litre

Made with 500D PVC tarpaulin means these plastic general use diving bags are water-resistant and extra durable. In other words, any valuables stored inside are going to be safe from the water.

The Salt of the Sea 5 litre dry bag is one of those gizmo accessory packages that almost all scuba divers and snorkelers will make good use of - again and again.

Salt of the Sea Dry BagsSize, Specifications, and Unique Features

  • This convenient and lightweight little dry bag has five litre capacity and a practical design for ease of carriage and storage.
  • The Salt of the Sea's 500D PVC dry bag is designed to repel water and for durability.
  • Fold and clip style opening for maximum compression and durability when securing belongings inside (no zips).
  • The versatile clips and straps allow for storing, hanging, or attaching to almost anything.

Pro Tip: Another section contains information about gear bags for scuba diving, including large sized dive luggage for divers that travel with their equipment.

IST Sports DB 20L Dry Bag Review

It is fair to say that you won't find many dry areas on a dive boat, especially a small one. So, how are you going to keep your things bone-dry?

This handy twenty (20) litre airtight carrier seals all your important stuff from water, such as a smartphone, towel, wallet, money, and cigarettes.

20L Dry Bag made by IST SportsSize, Specifications, and Unique Features

  • Multipurpose dry bag with cross-body strap and sturdy double roll top.
  • Constructed of sturdy, waterproof 500D polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material with fusion welded seams.
  • Sturdy 38 mm (1.5 inches) adjustable nylon webbing cross-body strap with reinforced attachment point.
  • Two top attachment points means the strap placement can take place on the left or the right side.
  • Also available in ten (10) litre and forty (40) litre capacity.
  • Dimension:23.5 centimetres x 61 centimetres (9.3 x 24 inches)

Pro Tip: Do you anticipate doing a lot of diving from different boats? If so, consider attaching your car and house keys to a small object that floats in water (e.g. if dropped overboard).

Adventure Backpack 30L Dry Bag Review

DeepBlue has become an established provider of high quality products, especially fun scuba accessories, for the diving and watersports market.

The adventure backpack is ideal for keeping your gear dry in all sorts of outdoor activities, such as boating, kayaking, hiking, and skiing.

DeepBlue Adventure Backpack 30L Dry BagSize, Specifications, and Unique Features

  • Radio-frequency welding (dielectric welding) produces a heavy duty waterproof fabric.
  • It has an extra pocket on the outside with a waterproof zipper.
  • Folding locking system contains cinch straps with an over lock buckle.
  • Sternum strap and comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Air-net padded backpack.
  • This waterproof dry bag protects the contents from water, dust, dirt, and sand.
  • Note: This item is not suitable for full submersion.

PADI® 5L, 15L, 45L Dry Bags Review

In fact, PADI is well known for scuba training courses. But, they also make dry bags to keep your personal possessions safe and dry in wet conditions.

PADI 5L, 15L, 45L Dry Bags ReviewSize, Specifications, and Unique Features

  • Available in three different colours: black, orange, and royal blue
  • Also available in three sizes: volume 5, 15, and 45 litres
  • Adjustable recycled nylon shoulder strap (and removable)
  • 420 Denier Nylon base and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) coating means they are durable, reliable, and eco-friendly
  • Materials used with recycled plastic hardware (recycled polyformaldehyde) and 100% recycled nylon strap
  • High tear strength (including resistance against puncture and abrasion)
  • Use the roll-top waterproof closure (made with recycled plastic clips) to fully close the dry bag

Pro Tip: Dry bag manufacturers do not make them for withstanding extended submersion. Instead, they protect contents from splashes or short periods of submersion. Thus, it's best to double bag electronics or sensitive items.

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Note: The short video [2:13 seconds] explains how to use the Simply Scuba 2 litre black tech diving and snorkelling equipment dry bag with clear panel.

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